Coverup Continues @ Fourth District Court (Ouachita)

The coverup of alleged wrongdoing at Fourth Judicial (Morehouse, Ouachita Parishes) continues, as an ad hoc judge has ruled public documents may be withheld from publication.

From the Ouachita Citizen:

Simon ruled that the district court had the legal right to bar access to public records concerning law clerk Allyson Campbell.

“After weighing the public records disclosure interest against the privacy interest of the employee in question, it is the opinion of the court that the employee in question has an expectation of privacy in the documents,” Simon wrote.

See here the ruling and reasons.

Retired New Iberia Judge Anne Simon is the same judge who in April presided over a secret plea deal in St. Charles Parish, where a female high school teacher admitted sex with an underage male student.

At issue is whether 4th JD Court Clerk Allyson Campbell destroyed or otherwise mishandled public records, and whether there was a coverup to conceal the facts. When Ouachita Citizen Reporter Johnny Gunter filed a public records request for documents that might shed light on Campbell’s involvement , he was rebuffed.

In March, Citizen Publisher Sam Hanna, Jr. filed a criminal complaint with 4th JD District Attorney Jerry Jones.

The court retaliated against Hanna by suing the newspaper, claiming a privacy exception.

Hanna told Lincoln Parish News Online that a decision on whether to file an appeal would be made soon.


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  1. Skip Says:

    appeal is good

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