Roads Discussed @ LPPJ Committee

The condition of Lincoln Parish’s roads were the subject of discussion during the Public Works Committee meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) last night.

The combination of a wet winter and spring, plus heavier than normal truck traffic from oil & gas activity has caused an accelerated deterioration in the parish’s roads, and may require amending the capital improvement plan for road repair, putting some projects on a higher priority than originally planned, according to LPPJ Administrator Courtney Hall.

There was discussion of enacting a “heavy load ordinance” that would allow permitting and enforcement for loads that are above the parish weight limit. Other parishes that have such an ordinance allow the levy of a fee for such traffic, it was noted. The downside of such a plan was the additional enforcement personnel that would be needed.

Hall said he put the item on the agenda so that jurors would be aware, and be able to inform their constituents of what was planned.

The Public Property and Buildings Committee discussed an impending vacancy at the old County Market Building, the Simply Fashion store. That tenant had been paying a monthly rent of $2,600/month for the 3,300 square foot location.

The committee voted to allow the administrator to advertise for new tenants.

The full jury heard from West Monroe CPA David Hartt, who conducted the yearly independent audit for 2014.

Hartt said the audits for the jury and the Humanitarian Enterprises of Lincoln Parish were unqualified and had no findings.


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