Employee Pay Raise Back on JPPJ Agenda Tonight

A $1/hour pay raise for hourly employees of the Jackson Parish Police Jury (JPPJ) who work in the solid waste and road departments is on the agenda for tonight’s meeting.

See here the agenda.

The meeting begins at 5:30 PM, Dr. Charles H. Garrett Community Center, 182 Industrial Drive.


15 Responses to “Employee Pay Raise Back on JPPJ Agenda Tonight”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Asking for a new tax at the same time asking for employee raise,man they never learn do they. Well I did learn one thing, I’ll vote for a new police jury along with no more taxes. That means I’ll also vote against any tax renewal for anything. They need to learn how to spend other people’s money first. Like I said before my road has not had anything done to it in 25 years,also no bridge warning signs. There is just enough room for one car at a time with no shoulder at the creek crossing. When somebody drives off into the creek and gets hurt it will be too late. Oh well the boys need a raise before the roads need fixing I guess,like the cart before the horse.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You can always count on this character Oldman to come up with the first stupid comment. Let’s put this in simple terms so that he can understand it. Towns grow and there will be need for more educators, policemen, firemen, maintenance personnel; ergo,more money to run the town is needed. That means more taxes are needed.
      With no new taxes, things will never get done and republicans like Oldman can sit back and watch a growing town turn into a cesspool that people on 167 or 4 will just speed past on their way to better places. Oldman, the most probable reason your road has lasted 25 years is that no one visits you. I believe that he road to your home is dirt and therefore not a responsibility of the parish road maintence section. Look up the definition of “dedicated road.” I am sitting here wearing a t-shirt that says, “I can explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you.

      • Oldman Says:

        You must be an employee of the parish or just a dumb democrat running his mouth or maybe both.

        • Anonymous Says:

          I am definitely a democrat and yes, I work for the parish (I am 53 and drive a school bus.)

          • Oldman Says:

            If you say pretty please real nice I think they might just let you change over and be a Republican. It would do you a world of good and make you sleep better if you just would quit sucking on the big Gov.teat. Who knows you might finally amount to something then.

      • Oldermann Says:

        Oldman makes more sense than you ever have.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Is there something written down somewhere that idiot dropouts have to stick together?

          • Oldman Says:

            Better watch out who you are calling an idiot. You are beginning to sound like one yourself. But I guess being a democrat you already have a excuse for being one. By the way what are you going to do when we elect an republican for president to replace the yo yo we have now. I would be ashamed to show my face after you all elected the idiot you call president now. O bum a is no. 1,being the sorriest president ever elected by an landslide.

            • Anonymous Says:

              You are an idiot, Oldman, a high school dropout idiot first class. I didn’t complete my degree work at Tech but I did go past the 9th grade in high school. Did you?

              • Crazyoldfart Says:

                He’s right you know

                • Anonymous Says:

                  Who is right – Anonymous or Oldman?

                  • Crazyoldfart Says:

                    I believe I’ll go with Oldman,anonymous sounds like a dumb democrat,maybe not a idiot but just bad dumb. When did it take a college degree to drive a bus?

                    • Anonymous Says:

                      If you were to read all of my comments, you would see where I mentioned that I started attending Tech, but did not finish my degree. After that I went to work for my Uncle Sam and twenty-one years later I returned to Jonesboro and after doing nothing for two year, I got hired to drive a school bus. My wife passed away several years ago and money from the bus jobby just gives me a little extra each month. Yes, I am a democrat (and proud of it), but an idiot I am not.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That’s were u are wrong. If the town is growing then that means there will be more tax money coming in. And he lives on a black top road. Thanks

  3. Crazyoldfart Says:

    This looks like a free for all name calling.let me get a few words in and have my say so. Oldman is not the only idiot on this forum by a long shot. Oldman might be crazy but he’s right on a lot of what he says.

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