BOHICA: Vehicle Titles Triple in Price on LA Senate Vote

Louisiana Senate approves big hike in motor vehicle title certifcates to help fund state police

Marsha Shuler|

The Louisiana Senate on Friday approved a $50 increase in the cost of motor vehicle title certificates.

The extra charge would generate an estimated $60 million annually to plug a potential hole in the State Police budget, as it loses some Transportation Trust Fund dollars.

The new fee was added in a Senate committee to an innocuous House-passed bill, House Bill 833, that would make technical changes in motor vehicle law. Originally, the new fee was projected to raise $100 million, but the estimate was based on erroneous information.

Approval came on a 35-4 vote after the Senate soundly rejected an attempt to strip the fee increase. Only seven senators voted to delete the increase.

See here HB 833.

See here who voted how.

6 Responses to “BOHICA: Vehicle Titles Triple in Price on LA Senate Vote”

  1. DAN M BURSON Says:


  2. NoMo Says:

    Wait until I get my hands on a voting machine…blood suckers.

  3. ihavetopickastupidname Says:

    Why are we “plugging holes that potentially” don’t exist? Why not trim the fat where needed, rather than “fixing” the problem by taxing your constituents more. More taxes is a sure fire way to get fired. Adios to Gallot and the like!!

  4. Oldman Says:

    Now we can have a mansion for each trooper to live in ,we don’t want them to feel left out. Their boss has a mansion to live in so the troopers should have one two,

  5. Cowboy Says:

    With the Louisiana Democrat Party in full disarray, it appears that the establishment Republicans have gone over the edge and totally lost their frickin minds! Do they honestly believe they no longer have any opposition just because the Democrats are relegated to New Orleans?

    What about cutting the lucrative deal that keeps the Saints in New Orleans instead of raising taxes on the few of us poor people who’ve managed to have a job in this state with its lousy economic picture? It’s time for us TEA Party conservatives to turn our attention on ridding our state of these Big Government establishment Republicans! I say form the TEA Party, start raising some money, and identify some solid conservatives to oppose these establishment Republicans who’ve taken over the job of taxing and spending us to death from the Democrats!

    Hey you bunch of idiots down in the legislature, we’re paying attention and we don’t like what you’re doing to us! We don’t give a damn what party you’re in when you’re raising our taxes for no good reason! AND YES, A FEE IS STILL A TAX!!!

  6. NoMore Says:

    Have they considered cutting or eliminating one single expenditure???

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