Tuesday’s LPSB Meeting Routine

Last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB) was low key, with mostly routine matters considered.

Business Manager George Murphy reported on sales tax collections for May, and the various fund balances for the month ending 4/30.

Sales Tax Collections – May, 2015

Fund Balances – 4/30/2015

Murphy noted that the assets of the district’s self-insured medical and prescription fund was in deficit for the year and would like needed an infusion of cash from the sales tax fund.

Self-insured medical fund statement – 4/30/2015

Assistant Superintendent Mary Null reported on personnel changes, and also reviewed changes to the policy manual. That document had some changes to the district’s policy on electronic communications devices, and will be of interest to most all students and parents.

Personnel – June, 2015

Policy Manual Revisions

The board adopted the “official journal” for 2015-2016. The Ruston Daily Leader’s proposed rate increased from $4.75/hundred words to $5.75/hundred words. No other publication submitted a bid.

See here the memo.

Also, prior to the board meeting, a reception was held in the lobby to recognize those who retired this past school year.

See here the list.

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