New Desegregation Order for Lincoln Schools

Concerning Glenview Elementary, Ruston Elementary, Cypress Springs Elementary, and Hillcrest Elementary.

See here the document.


7 Responses to “New Desegregation Order for Lincoln Schools”

  1. Oldman Says:

    It’s time all this segregation mess to be over. It has accomplished very little,cost a lot of money and done very little toward helping the minority have a better life. The federal gov. really has no business telling the schools what they can or cannot do,that’s the states job. There’s too much money being spent,too many entitlement programs,and the minority give me attitude is what keeps this mess going.

    • Oldermann Says:

      The federal government has a plan to equalize everyone. It will assign school-aged children to households in lieu of allowing parents to raise their own children.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The feds are eventually going to screw up one of the best school systems in the country.

  3. Guy Says:

    Where is the racebaiter Al Sharpton? I tell you. I am glad I have fellow Americans with a spirit of resistance against a feral government. How about…. The parents have a right to send their kids to whatever public school they choose in their district even if their class is 96% black. Oh liberty where hast thou gone? This country is going in the dump. Hey judge there in Monroe get off your butt and support liberty FREAK!

    • Oldman Says:

      I read were the government wanted to go to a cashless society,they would have full control then. If you did not vote like they wanted, they would just stop your card from working,total control. Now if you take out $3,000.00 in cash you are reported,if you are stopped with a large amount then they take it. You are left out to prove that you got it legally. Folks our freedom is going fast if we don’t stop this now. Take from the haves and give to the have nots. “Have nots” people that have the give me attitude and will not work at any job. If you work and have a house,new car,new boat, why can I not have it too,I’m as good as you why do I even need to work? Total control.

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      America needs failures. Not everyone will be a business owner. Without failures, there would be no chicken nuggets or lapdances, and every one on here has had one or both of them. If you know the right place to go, you can get them both at one time.

  4. Patsy Holman Says:

    I do not understand why people in the federal government who are supposed to be educated cannot understand that kids have different abilities and ,therefore, need to be educated from the point of their level of achievements. It does not matter the race. What matters is if any child cannot accomplish goals for their grade level, they need to start on the level of where they are so they can succeed to the next level. Students of high achievement should have the opportunity to go above their grade level so they are challenged. Let’s stop looking at the color of skin and get on with educating our children. If you need separate classes so kids can catch up to where they should be, this should be allowed. No child is being denied a good education but many children are being left behind because of mess like this. No wonder private schools and charter schools are so popular!

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