Higher Ed Salaries Detailed

LSU, Southern and UL systems had a $1.2 billion payroll during 2014-15 academic year: See who earned the money

By Quincy Hodges, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune

Louisiana’s public higher education institutions spent more than $1.2 billion for salaries in the 2014-15 fiscal year, according to information obtained from Louisiana Board of Regents.

The LSU System, which has nine entities, employed more than 13,000 employees and paid them more than $714 million this fiscal year. Among its top earners were LSU President and Chancellor F. King Alexander at $600,000, athletic director Joe Alleva ($525,000), assistant football coaches, Cam Cameron, Robert Steele and Frank Wilson, all of whom earned $500,000. Steven Heymsfield, the highest paid professor within the LSU system, earned $416,000.

The University of Louisiana system, which includes nine campuses, employed more than 11,000 employees, paying them more than $448 million during this fiscal year.

UL System President Sandra Woodley was the top earner, bringing in $$375,000, followed by University of Louisiana-Lafayette President Ernest Savoie ($360,000) Louisiana Tech University President Leslie Guice ($350,000) and UNO President Peter Fos ($325,000).

The Southern University System employed more than 2,000 employees and had an annual payroll of $84.4 million. Ron Mason, SU’s system president earned $374,000, the highest paid employee in the system. Southern University Law Center Chancellor Freddie Pitcher was the second highest paid employee, bringing in $224,000. Roman Banks, SU’s head football coach and interim athletic director, earned $205,000.

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2 Responses to “Higher Ed Salaries Detailed”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Man that just blows your mind,that’s a lot of money. What about health care for life,retirement, and all the other benefits as well. How many months do they work out of the year? After all this there is very little money left for what we really need.

    • You Don't Need to Know Says:

      As usual, Oldman, you have little or no understanding of the situation. Educate yourself on the problem before spouting off about something of which you biggest comlaint seems to be that they earn more than you do. I am not at all familiar with how college professors are paid but high school teachers work on a nine-month contract but have their pay pro-rated over twelve month period so that they will have income when the are off, generally June, July, and August.

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