Hoffman, Burns, Burford Vote for 1¢ Sales Tax Hike, Bill Fails

At least three North Louisiana legislators voted this morning for a statewide one-cent sales tax hike that would have funded highway construction and maintenance.

HB 778: Levies a 1% state sales and use tax for 10 years to be used for construction of specific highway and bridge projects that are part of the major economic development corridors of the state, and investment in the La. State Transportation Infrastructure Bank.

Voting for the bill were:

Butch Hoffman, District 15 – R, West Monroe
Richard Burford, District 7 – R, Stonewall
Henry Burns, District 9 – R, Haughton

See here who voted how.

The bill failed on a 52-42 vote. It needed a 2/3 vote to pass.

You will never, ever, read about these votes, or any other votes by legislators, in The Ruston Daily Leader, The (Shreveport, LA) Times, or The (Monroe, LA) News Star.


12 Responses to “Hoffman, Burns, Burford Vote for 1¢ Sales Tax Hike, Bill Fails”

  1. Skip Says:

    Kalib Causey just named himself an investigation reporter. I am sure that he will discover this story.

  2. Oldermann Says:

    “You will never, ever, read about these votes, or any other votes by legislators…”

    Big fans of big government. A government big enough to give you everything you need is a government big enough to take everything you have.

  3. Oldman Says:

    The little man is getting fed up with taxes and more taxes,just wait till the upper class are hit with more taxes. That’s when the poo poo hits the fan,all taxes should be sales taxes anyway,pay when you buy.i bet there would not be as many big new cars,boats and other things. Food,rent and clothes would not be taxed,everything else would be covered with a tax on comsumption.Pay on what you spend.

  4. Bob Jenkins Says:

    How is the state supposed to fund highway maintenance and repairs when the current budget is inadequate? While taxes are bad in theory, what are the options when the expenses are valid and necessary?

    • Bob Jenkins Says:

      Or the construction of new roads?

    • Walter Abbott Says:

      The Louisiana State Police is stealing $75 million/year from the Highway Trust Fund, and the LSP commander is living in a taxpayer-funded mansion, right now, today. Any talk of “inadequate funding” is specious.

      • Bobby Jenkins Says:

        How is it stealing when the law says they can take the money? While it doesn’t look fair, the LSP has to be funded somehow, through sales taxes or income taxes or even property taxes. Same goes for DOTD.

  5. Oldermann Says:

    The answer is always more government and more taxes with some of You People.

  6. Oldman Says:

    There’s plenty of money,just cut out all of the fat and we could overlay just about every road in the state.As Walter pointed out the state police stealing $75,000,000 from the trust fund. That’s money that’s supposed to be spent on highways only. $75,000,000 here and $75,000,000 there and soon it adds up. I believe the state could cut 25%across the board and still do as much as they are doing now. Did all the colleges got what they wanted,I haven’t heard any more about that,but I bet they did.spend spend and soon you are broke.

    • Bobby Jenkins Says:

      It’s not stealing when the LSP is legally entitled to the fund. If you want to change that, then write or call your legislator.

      • Oldman Says:

        It’s still stealing,it might be that they are legally stealing the money,but it’s still stealing. The taxes are going for things that the tax payer will not approve of. It’s going to get were it’s hard to get any tax to pass and it should.

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