Monroe City Council Council and Substandard Property

One of the recurring agenda items at municipal meetings that we’ve reported upon is condemnation of substandard property, and last night’s meeting of the Monroe City Council was no exception.

Chapter 24.5 of Monroe’s Code of Ordianances deals with the issue of nuisances and abatement, and is the legal authority for government to condemn or otherwise force upgrade of substandard property.

Last night, three such properties were on the agenda, and they were discussed with little controversy. In one of the instances, an extension to the normal thirty day deadline was granted to allow the property owner to bring the structure up to code.

However, at the end of the meeting, during public comments, property owner Michael Wade made his case of why he thought he was unfairly treated at the May 12 council meeting when his property was condemned.

Wade said that a letter from the city confirming the council’s decision did not list any code violations, and should be invalidated.

Said Wade, “On these, papers, they’re supposed to list the code violations. I got four pieces of paper from the city – not one code violation is listed.”

Wade went on to chastise Mayor Jamie Mayo, saying he supported him when he ran for mayor. “Mr. Mayor read this. We you needed me I was there. I need you now.”

Mayo told Wade to meet with him after the meeting.

In other business, the council heard from Daniel Howard, Chancellor of Louisiana State University of Alexandria (LSUA). He made the trip to thank the city for donation of several horse stalls from the city’s Equestrian Pavilion.

Howard said the the stalls would be utilized for the new Rodeo Team now being organized at LSUA.

Community Affairs Director John Ross said that the pavilion had not been used for some time, in response to a question by District Three’s Betty Blakes.


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