Shadoin, Fannin, others Vote to Kill Sales Tax Holiday for Guns, ATVs

Several North Louisiana Legislators voted to kill a sales tax holiday for guns and other hunting related items. Among those voting for HCR 15 were Ruston’s Rob Shadoin and Jonesboro’s Jim Fannin.

See here the complete list of who voted how.

The law, known as the Annual Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Holiday Act, exempted firearms, archery equipment, ATVs, apparel, and other hunting related gear from Louisiana Sales Tax. The holiday had been in effect the first weekend in September each year since 2009.

See here the repealed law.

9 Responses to “Shadoin, Fannin, others Vote to Kill Sales Tax Holiday for Guns, ATVs”

  1. Windy Says:

    Trying to increase income for the state? Why don’t they do something big like do away with the state income tax exemption for public employees retirement income. Government should not discriminate. There are laws against discrimination but again gov is exempt. Laws are for the little people.

  2. LiberalsAreCrazy Says:

    Governments get their income mostly from taxes. When the economy improves, the amount of money coming from taxes increases.
    A “tax increase” as discussed in the media usually means an increase in the RATE of taxation: an increase in the proportion of peoples’ income that is taken by government.
    “Taxes” in Louisiana (meaning the amount of money state and local government gets) have been going up. Now our esteemed leaders are trying to “raise taxes”, meaning they want EVEN MORE by increasing the RATE.
    Like teenagers, they could take all our income and property, and it would not be enough.

  3. Oldermann Says:

    To paraphrase Henry Ford: Oppress the masses, eat with the classes.

  4. LiberalsAreCrazy Says:

    Rob Shadoin has the same problem other people in this seat have had: if they don’t want to play ball with the upper powers, they threaten LA Tech and Grambling funding to whip them into line.
    I don’t relish being in Rep. Shadoin’s position at all. It’s a no-win situation.

  5. Rastus B. Gumm Says:

    Commie Pinko Fags.

  6. Oldermann Says:

    I don’t understand why the Legislature doesn’t address the real problems affecting our citizens, such as this:

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