JPPJ Employee Pay & History Detailed

While the hourly employees of the Jackson Parish Police Jury (JPPJ) may seem to earn relatively modest base pay compared with some in private industry, their fringe benefits help compensate significantly, documents obtained via a public records request show.

Also, employees have received cost of living raises every year save one, since 2004. The jury is considering whether to award an immediate $2.00/hr pay raise across the board to all hourly employees.

In the road crew, existing hourly pay scales range from a high of $20.86/hr to a low of $12.29/hr. In the solid waste department, the range is $18.86/hr to $11.15/hr.

All full-time employees receive employer paid retirement contributions that range from about $4,000 to $6,000 dollars annually. Very few employees in private industry receive employer funded retirement plans, but instead participate in 401K and other employee-funded plans, or pay into Social Security.

Also, JPPJ employees receive full employer paid medical plans that cost $6,733/year. Most private industry medical plans are now only half-funded by employers, with the balance paid by the employee.

The fringe benefits amount to about $5.00/hr.

The documents show that since 2004, employees have received a minimum of 2% cost of living raises each year, with one year (2007) receiving raises of 2% and 5%. In the year 2010, no raises were granted.

For the year 2015, a 2 1/2% raise was awarded.

See here the documents.


2 Responses to “JPPJ Employee Pay & History Detailed”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Very few jobs in Jackson Parish pay $40,000.00 a year. At that rate of pay no wonder the police jury is always asking for money. But it’s taxpayers money and easly spent. We need new leadership in the police jury,the ones in charge now are out of touch with the voters. Oh well it’s only money but at this rate it won’t last long then they will ask for more and more.I’ll bet they did not want this raise to be made public,Thank you Walter

  2. sunrisesunset Says:

    Walter, will you check and tell us how many of the Police Jury members have full-time jobs outside their jury employment? I know some of them have GOOD incomes, but I do not know about others. A Police Jury representative isn’t a full time job, but rather part time. How many hours per month do they put in? Lots of questions need to be answered. I think $2 per hr. increase is simply robbing peter to pay paul as the old saying goes. How many people NEVER get wage increases for several years. Here, we have them getting raises EVERY year excluding one. But, keep in mind, that one year 2 different raises were given. This compensates for the year raises were not given.\

    Sly foxes(s) in the hen house and they will eat the taxpayer up.

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