“15 th Check” Approved by LPSB

The Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB) voted a “fifteenth check” to employees at last night’s meeting, approving a $3 thousand bonus for certificated employees and $1,500 for support staff. The money became available after a recent flurry of oil and gas activity in the parish resulted in sales tax collections considerably above budget.

See here the memo.

Also approved was payment of the June salary supplement check (14th check) of $5,025 and $2,513 for the two employee classifications. The 13th and 14th bonuses have been paid consistently for the past several years, even though the district’s group health benefit fund is underfunded.

See here our story: (Auditor: School Board Unfunded Group Health Liability Over $120 Million – LPNO 2/4/15).

Business Manager George Murphy conceded last night that future sales tax windfalls would likely be applied to that fund.

The district has just under 1,100 employees, with 833 of them full time. Of the full time, 580 have teaching certificates, with 253 support personnel. 467 of the 580 are classroom teachers.

Murphy also reported on the April, 2015 tax collections and the 3/31/15 fund balance.

As we had reported last week, several new principals were appointed, and were introduced to the board.

No board vote was taken, as school superintendents have the authority to make personnel assignments unilaterally.

During the Building & Grounds Committee Meeting, Architect Mike Walpole reported on the construction projects in the district. He noted that the Hillcrest Elementary project had been delayed by weather, and would likely not be ready in time for the fall, 2015 school opening.


11 Responses to ““15 th Check” Approved by LPSB”

  1. Oldman Says:

    That’s a lot of money for just showing up,there’s no other way to put it. Where does this money come from,I thought the state was broke. I wonder about the total dollars state wide, I bet its in the tens of millions at least,oh well it’s for the children. It’s the same as welfare getting paid for doing nothing just showing up.

  2. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    The primary source of monies for the items listed is LINCOLN Parish, that’s the reason the story wasn’t ” All State Teachers Get Extra Check”

    Makes one ponder…
    “So we collected more than we needed?”

  3. Chandler Levar Says:

    What’s interesting to read is that the school has 580 “teachers” but only 467 of them teach? That means at least 113 administrator “teachers” and doesn’t include any of the uncertified personnel.

  4. Mr. E Says:

    Never heard the first mention of possibly returning any of that excess tax windfall to the taxpayers who actually paid it! That says a lot about the government we have today that the taxpayer is their first thought when they need money and their last thought we they have excess money. It’s all about them and we’re just expected to shut up and pay for it all! We taxpayers work hard too, and I get sick of hearing about these selfless public servants and how hard they work and how underpaid they are and how Louisiana teachers get paid less than the Southern Average, like that has anything to do with the price of tea in China! Where’s my extra check out of the surplus fund for working hard? Oh yeah, it got seized as part of a civil asset forfeiture sweep!

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      Never think of those who paid it…
      It’s those that we bought with it. Sad thing is there is really a very small percentage of the population that is not receiving in some form or fashion.
      I used to live in New Orleans and I can count on one hand the number of folks I knew who were not directly or indirectly employed by the city, the parish, or the state. Levy board people, traffic management, teachers, folks who had contracts to service parish moveables, the list goes on and on.

      Russia in the cold war days was always viewed with disdain because everyone was paid through the government. Now the same situation is present here. As independent as you think you are, it usually takes very little digging to find something you are getting for which someone else is paying. I am, whether I wish to admit it or not. I’m not employed by the government or have a family member that is but I am still receiving. That doesn’t excuse it but simply states that we are virtually all taking somewhere. Most of you, like me, are putting in far more than we are recieving but that doesn’t mean we are not receiving.

      To escape slavery, you must suffer the pain. Teachers do a great job for the most part but they are slaves. When their adminstrators say, “hey we are going to propose a tax increase to help you out, encourage everyone to vote yes,” they obey their masters because it will impact them. It is the epitome of self sacrifice to say no.

      As to the southern average, why is that always brought up in response to payscale but never touted in the discussion of performance? If it gets mentioned, it is always excused as beyond their control.

      • Mr. E Says:

        Bob, this sounds suspiciously like a version of the broken window theory of creative destruction liberals are always fond of pulling out to support their tax hikes and big government schemes. In that theory, a miscreant throws a brick through the baker’s window, forcing him to buy a new window from the glass maker, who then buys food from the local grocer, and so on until the money circulates through the community benefiting everyone. Everyone, that is, except the baker who had to use the money with which he was going to buy a new suit to buy a new window he didn’t need until the miscreant broke it. The baker ends up with a new window and no new suit, meaning he is less wealthy in this series of transactions than he started out.

        If government is so large and so pernicious that it affects most every transaction in the country, then it does not necessarily follow that government is benefiting us all with its presence, but that government has grown too large! The government does not produce anything! It skims a portion of wealth off the top from the productive class to fund its operations. Like the baker, we are all left less wealthy for having dealt with the government and increasingly have nothing to show for the experience. Our politicians have wasted every nickel ever collected to repair infrastructure and now call on us to raise taxes so they can waste more.

        I’m not at all buying your argument that we all benefit in some way from the government. Our infrastructure is crumbling, our schools are failing to educate, our economy is imploding, our standard of living is falling, our citizens are rioting in the streets encouraged by our leaders, and our status around the world is falling as our allies increasingly come to the conclusion that our leaders are undependable. And, on top of all of this, the sleazy politicians mired in countless scandals want to raise taxes to fix what they’ve been ignoring for decades. The creative destruction theory has been thoroughly debunked by conservatives, and most people receiving government support are doing so because our government has wrecked the economy and destroyed the job market!

        Escape slavery? Are you serious? We’re fast becoming slaves to our government and suffering the pain! Teachers are NOT slaves! They choose the teaching profession knowing full well what it pays, then begin griping about the pay as soon as they get their first job. Teachers get paid for their service! THEY DO NOT WORK UNDER DURESS OR FOR FREE! THEY ARE PAID! THAT is NOT slavery!

        Bob, go peddle your liberalism somewhere else! I suppose next you’ll be echoing Obama’s line “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

        • Bob Sherunkel Says:

          You have totally misconstrued my statements.
          Teachers are slaves because they are not independent and because they have chosen to look to “daddy” to support them. If Daddy says vote for this, they do it because they put their feet under his table.

          In NO WAY did I ever support a big government mentality but simply challenged you and anyone else to take a stand by actually being independent of government. I contend that:

          A. You can’t and
          B. You wouldn’t if you could.

          You can’t because government is way too big and has been allowed into areas in which it has no valid business. We mistake, “You are free to roam the plantation but don’t leave,” for “you are truly free.”
          You won’t because you have come to rely on government for certain things.

          I am a realist. Way too far to the right for Atilla the Hun.

          • Mr. E Says:

            Perhaps I have misconstrued your statements, but you were not entirely clear as to your intentions.

            Teachers are NOT slaves, but government employees. As such, they naturally rely upon their employer for their livelihood just as anyone else in the private sector relies upon their employer for their livelihood. An employee of a private company naturally supports those initiatives that benefit their employer because those benefits ultimately trickle down to the employee in the form of job security, pay raises from company growth, etc.

            Any teacher is free to leave government employment at any time and pursue other interests if they feel too dependent upon government.

            As for being independent from government, that is an impossible task and you well know it. Government exists to protect its citizens, and citizens are forced to interact with their government on some level to secure this protection. For instance, we serve in the military to secure our protection from foreign invasion. Everyone need not serve because enough serve to secure our protection from foreign invasion.

            Now, self-serving citizens can abuse the services their government provides to the point of becoming dependent upon that government and its largesse as is currently happening with those addicted to multi-generational welfare.

            Another point, you presume to know a lot about me and my level of dependence upon the government by implying that I have an inordinate amount of dependence upon the government, to which I reply that you doth presume too much. I am a member of the productive class who pays his taxes, obeys the law, and exercises his constitutional freedoms as any normal citizen of this country is free to do. I do not receive a government payment, nor do I expect one, and I do not receive any largesse from the government other than that to which any responsible citizen is entitled – namely, protection from threats both foreign and domestic.

            I am NOT a Libertarian whose fringe believes in the abolition of government because it dares to interfere in ANY aspect of their lives. That would lead to chaos and anarchy – precisely the things for which government was instituted to prevent. I am a TEA Party conservative who believes in personal responsibility and self-determination as the cornerstones of independence.

            So, I do NOT accept your premise that we are all just slaves to the government because it has become so pernicious. There are a great many of us who still interact with government as little as possible and only for those reasons for which the government exists in the first place. I could easily live without government in my little corner of the parish, but I prefer to have laws protect me from crime instead of having to mete out justice as the occasion arises. Note, however, that I am well armed and quite able to do so if the situation arises.

            You presume that everyone out there is only interested in taking from the government just because there are a number of people who do so, and that is a fallacy of your argument. Consequently, you further presume that we are all incapable of living without government as if there were even the faintest possibility of that ever happening. For your edification, we are not all hooked on government or unable to make it without government, but we do recognize and appreciate the fact that government does exists and its presence works to generally raise the standard of living by codifying our ability to work together in pursuit of increased living standards. Rest assured that you don’t have to “challenge” me “to take a stand by actually being independent of government” because I’m already as independent from government as anyone governed can be!

            Where government dares to interfere in the free enterprise system beyond its mandate to police the markets, we are all left far worse off for the effort. Government’s proper role is to ensure fairness in market transactions, not to ensure the nebulous leftist concepts of wealth equality and social justice. The Founders never intended our government to provide free entitlements or support its citizens. They fully intended us to exercise personal responsibility as the necessary ingredient that makes personal freedom possible.

  5. NoMore Says:

    I HOPE the LPSB comes out with a tax to catch up the unfunded group health liability. I CAN’T WAIT to vote NO and purchase radio and print time to get it beat.
    I will remind voters of the School Board shelling out the “extra” money to buy popularity, while letting go what amounts to a debt.

  6. Oldman Says:

    Giving money and power to the government is like giving whiskey and car keys to a teenage boy,they can not handle it.

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