Jackson Parish Police Jury Committee to Meet on Employee Pay Raise Next Week

Last night’s meeting of the Jackson Parish Police Jury (JPPJ) discussed the matter of a $2/hr pay raise for Solid Waste, Road, and Maintenance employees, but delayed action until the Finance Committee could meet again on the issue.

The matter first surfaced at a 5/4/15 meeting of the Finance Committee:

Motion Mr. Garrett seconded Ms. Monroe to place on the May 11 regular session by a roll call vote, the recommendation of implementing a $2.00 per hour pay increase effective with the pay period beginning May 16, 2015 for all hourly employees, and to provide that those employees currently working under probationary status will be eligible for the $2.00 per hour increase upon successful completion of their probationary period. Motion carried.

See here the complete minutes.

The action comes days after Jackson Parish voters approved by a wide margin re-imposition of two ten-year sales taxes totaling 1% for roads and solid waste.

Jonesboro resident Donna Vines said she might have not voted for the taxes had she known of the pending raises.

Said Vines, “I did not vote for a tax for a pay raise. I voted for upkeep of roads, for waste management, whatever we need.”

She said that the employees received a 2 1/2% cost of living raise in January.

The jurors discussed adding the issue to the agenda, but decided to have another finance committee meeting next week (Monday, May 18, 5:00 PM) to further discuss the issue.

Jurors heard from a couple of residents in the Woodway Circle neighborhood on Caney Lake.

Robert Greer said a former private residence had been sold and had become a commercial-type facility. Greer said when the subdivision was originally developed, the lots were restricted to single-family residences.

The facility in question was being advertised for rent on several websites, Greer said. The jury was asked if there was anything they could to do about the situation.

Also speaking up was resident William Haikes.

Jury President Eddie Langston said he would research the matter and get back with the residents.

Bobby Jordan, Interim Administrator of the Jackson Parish Hospital reported that the building had some cosmetic issues, and the grounds needed “lots of work.”

Those issues aside, Jordan said that the radiology department, laboratory, and other diagnostic equipment was first-rate.

Jordan, who has been on the job for only a few days, said with proper organization and leadership, the facility would become something to be proud of.


5 Responses to “Jackson Parish Police Jury Committee to Meet on Employee Pay Raise Next Week”

  1. Oldermann Says:

    No one will be able to act on the AirBnB issue.

  2. sunrisesunset Says:

    Notice what’s going on here. Note Walter said the police jury action comes JUST DAYS after the overwhelming voting of the reimposition of two sales taxes. They may think we are dumb clucks. They had this planned all along, if it passed. They are a laughable bunch of hypocrites. Shameful!

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