More Tax Vote Info – C. B. Forgotston

This is another in a series of interim reports on how members of the LA House of Representatives voted to increase your taxes.


Hopefully, this will encourage individuals who have been considering running for the lege to run against the incumbents. These tax votes alone are enough to beat every incumbent and they haven’t finished raising your taxes yet.

How your lege voted

HB 119 the increased your taxes by $68 Million, annually.

To see how your lege voted go here.

A “YEA” vote is to increase your taxes. A “NAY” vote is against raising your taxes. “ABSENT” is counted as a NAY vote.

NOTE: Due to chronic vote changing in the House, I have downloaded hard copies of every vote. If a lege switches their vote after Thursday, it will be noted in future mailings.


4 Responses to “More Tax Vote Info – C. B. Forgotston”

  1. Oldman Says:

    We surely need better and more honest people in office than we have now. The ones we have now listen to big money and see how much they can steal. We can stop it if we quit voting for the bums and get honest people to run for office, We the taxpayer are the boss, they work for us.

  2. Windy Says:

    Things are going to have to get worst before it gets better. Too many on government tit. Gov worker can control elections one way or the other. Come Lord Jesus.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The issue here is all the state spending that is constitutionally protected. The people of LA have over and over again voted on Constitutional Amendments that have protected everything in the budget except education. A bill needs to be presented as a constitutional amendment to remove all spending protections and to forbid future bills that would constitutionally protect and state expense. This would free up tremendous amounts of line items that could be cut to help the state balance the budget. No taxpayer funded expense should ever be constitutionally protected. But the people have been told to vote for theses amendments year after year to protect the state funding of their beloved programs, therefore we now face a huge tax increase in order for the state to balance its budget.

    • Oldermann Says:

      One more amendment, one to protect education from budget cuts, and then the legislature will not legally be able to do anything but raise taxes. This was the end game of the Constitutional Amendments proponents, and now we are here.

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