North Louisiana Leges Vote for Massive Tax Increases

Two tax increase bills were voted out of the Ways & Means Committee of the Louisiana Legislature this morning, with help from several North Louisiana Representatives.

HB 777, which would raise the tax on gasoline by 25 cents, was passed on a 7-3 vote.

Haughton Republican Henry Burns voted FOR the bill.

HB 778, a one cent statewide sales tax increase was passed unanimously by the same committee less than an hour later.

See here the vote tally.

In addition to Burns, three other area legislators voted YES: Monroe Democrat Marcus Hunter, Stonewall Republican Richard Burford, and West Monroe Republican Frank “Butch” Hoffman.


7 Responses to “North Louisiana Leges Vote for Massive Tax Increases”

  1. woscar Says:

    Both of these are regressive taxes and the gas tax will definitely be felt as it will put us above the surrounding states. Can’t say we’re enthusiastic, but IF the gas tax is dedicated to road repair and improvement, it might be worth the price.

  2. NOtoalltaxes Says:

    But…just imagine how much nicer everything will be if government gets all this money; why, when they are hauling it to their bank, some may actually fall off the truck and be picked up by a regular taxpaying citizen.

  3. windy Says:

    Elected officials equals white collar crime which goes unpunished.

  4. Anon Says:

    Ever wonder why they never want to increase tax on beer or liquor?

  5. Oldman Says:

    Sorry BUMS,no other word for them. It’s easy for them to spend other people’s money,it’s time to let them out to pasture.

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