Are Students the new “Human Shields”?

Anyone who has paid the least bit of attention to tax proposals and government spending the past few decades is familiar with the tactic of declaring that education funding is untouchable.

“It’s for the the children,” the refrain goes.

We suggest this is but a political tactic similar to the use children as “human shields” in military strategy. Non-combatants are placed in or around combat targets to deter attacks on these targets.

Education bureaucrats, with their fat salaries, taxpayer funded retirements, and gold-plated medical plans, don’t make good advocates for more taxes. Legislators can dis them with impunity and go back to their taxpaying constituents and brag about it.

But students – now there’s a sympathetic group.

We accuse the Education Establishment of taking advantage of the very people they claim to advocate for, and using them for props in an effort to protect their own jobs.

We hope the legislature doesn’t take the bait.

10 Responses to “Are Students the new “Human Shields”?”

  1. WILLcall Says:


  2. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    Spot on Walter!

  3. NOtoalltaxes Says:

    Right on!

  4. eyesonyou Says:

    Unthinking respect for Authority is the greatest enemy of TRUTH. ALBERT EINSTEIN How true it is.

  5. Oldman Says:

    Walter,so true. If you only knew how much money goes to the fat cats and how much to the student. As you said between high salarys,medical benefits for life,full retirement after 20years,there’s very little left. The poor students are being used and don’t have enough sense to know it. The professors have brain washed them with their socialist ideas,until they are brain dead to what’s going on around them. Get rid of Gramling,Southern, LSU @ Alexandria,and other non performing colleges,let these professors find another job. Then you will have money for the other colleges.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    K-12 education IS untouchable. That’s one of the many reasons higher education is vulnerable.

  7. Oldman Says:

    Everybody must be happy with things like they are,as there have not been many comments. When all the money has been spent then all colleges will have to cut back,the good and the bad. Wouldn’t it be better to cull the bad ones out now and save the good ones? Why not freeze all salarys,benefits,health insurance at the currant level or better yet have a 10% cut in salarys and benefits for a least 5 years. If not college tuition is going to go thru the roof and nobody will be able to afford it then. Wait a minute Obuma is bringing all the illegal aliens in and then the colleges will be full but then who all is going to pay for it then? Folks this country is going socialist fast or worst going to be a third world country in the making.

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