Another Student Mob at the State Capitol

Southern University supporters rally at Capitol; senator: ‘Absolutely important’ school maintained in Louisiana

Budget cuts main focus of attendees
BY Elizabeth Crisp|

Nearly 300 supporters of Southern University packed the State Capitol steps on Wednesday, rallying for their school and hoping to send a message to Louisiana legislators.

Jevante Myers, a sophomore from Opelousas, said he came out to the “We Are Southern” rally because he’s worried that with the threat of budget cuts, the university could be “shut down.”

“The university has been a tradition in my family,” he said. “It really means something.”

The Human Jukebox pep band, just back from a recent competition, rang out across the Capitol and could even be heard inside the building.

Several legislators spoke to the crowd, as did Southern University leaders.

“It is absolutely important that we maintain Southern University in our state,” said state Sen. Sharon Broome, D-Baton Rouge.


10 Responses to “Another Student Mob at the State Capitol”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Non- performing colleges should be shut down. Everybody is not college material. The money could be better spent on performing colleges. Raise the entrance exam scores,get rid of sorry teachers that do not teach and then you will have a higher class of college student. We do not need to keep on spending money we don’t have and that is needed elsewhere. Southern should be shut down along with Grambling,and a few others. Spend the money on the best and dump the others.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with a previous post; calling these protests “mobs” is equivalent to practicing yellow journalism. Please stick to the facts.

    Also, why no word about local government opposition to the inventory tax repeal? Or are you too on the corporate dole, just like the newsstar? Some of us are starting to wonder . . .

    • Walter Abbott Says:

      Merely using the same terminology that is applied to taxpayers/tea party types when they have the presumption to question government spending.

  3. Nad Burson Says:

    Crooked, rotten, corrupt, officials everywhere! Call me and I will tell you anonymous cowards who they are.

  4. Nad Burson Says:

    Oh, I forgot my sig.

    Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2025 08:96:10 +0000 To:

  5. Oldman Says:

    It would be good if we got together a tax payers mob and go to the capital. I wonder if it would do any good,I bet not. If everybody got together and quit paying taxes then I bet that would do it. I worked about 20 years for the public and I know the waste of dollars that’s just thrown away for nothing. Big salarys,big retirements,job security with no strings attached, and the list goes on. Walter needs to check on the public officials retirement accounts,now that would be a story.
    Have a good day what’s left of it,

  6. NOtoalltaxes Says:

    The mob at the Capitol should be required to be graduates of some of these pitiful instutitions, therefore it would be a lot smaller.
    Some of these colleges are there for no other reason then politics, and that is the primary purpose they serve.
    They ought to be tested: if they are not attracting quality high school graduates, and if they are not graduating them at a good rate and if the graduates are not achieving required acreditation at a good rate,the institution is nothing but a political camp and government jobs program and should be shut down.

  7. NOtoalltaxes Says:

    Brings to mind the issue: how bad can it get?
    Do you realize that complex societies seem to grow into an organism that is increasingly disfunctional, to the point that entrenched interests of various kinds are at odds with no possible way to accommodate each other? There is no way to “fix” it so it hobbles along.
    Then comes the Total Collapse. This erases the board and we start over. Then we have no room for foolishness, until, eventually, we grow into the same bureaucratic mess again.
    Look at the total destruction of Germany and Japan during WWII. Boom! Then start over. if you don’t completely destroy it, you can’t start over; too many entrenched competing interests.
    Maybe being broke will give Louisiana incentive and a chance to start over. Doubt we’re broke enough yet, though.

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