Paid Media Decries Lack of Participation in Student Mob

Our Views: No roars from Tigers?

Advocate story

Complacency appears to have replaced activism even as higher education faces its most severe crisis in the past five years of recurring financial crises.

The good news is that some 150 students appeared at the State Capitol to protest the cuts that would reduce direct state aid to universities by as much as 82 percent in one year.

The bad news is that there were only 150. And the Capitol is only minutes by car or even by bus from LSU’s main campus.

Editors of The Daily Reveille at LSU were underwhelmed. It’s not the Tigers roar that LSU students should provide, they said in an editorial.


4 Responses to “Paid Media Decries Lack of Participation in Student Mob”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “Paid media” What does that even mean? Are you implying that the media is being paid off by some third party to report this non-story?

    And I don’t think anyone could consider the staff of The Daily Reveille to be paid. Unless you want to acknowledge they’d be freeloading college students that actually have a job and aren’t just bumming off the taxpayer.

  2. Skip Says:

    Morning Advocate story is paid for reporting

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