Monroe Mayor Mayo Agrees – In Writing – To Council Budget Requests

Last week’s meeting of the Monroe City Council saw an “agreement” – in writing – between the council and Mayor Jamie Mayo on budget matters.

Recall that after the council introduced its own budget at the March 24 meeting, Mayo went on a public relations push, and said the council’s budget would be “catastrophic” to city’s finances.

Mayo held town meetings with his factotums from city hall in tow. Dutifully carrying water for Mayo was The (Monroe, LA) News Star, aka The Mayo Mouthpiece.

City Hall watchers anticipated a lively 4/14 meeting over who would vote how, if Mayo would veto, and if his veto would be upheld or overruled. Then, as the 4/14 meeting got underway, it was announced that the mayor and council had settled their differences.

However, not until Roosevelt Wright’s column in the 4/18 edition of the Monroe Free Press did we know that Mayo put his promises in writing.

Among the document’s points:

Understanding of the Parties – The parties agree and understand that the effectiveness of the Mayor’s Original Proposed Budget is predicated upon the following commitments by James E. Mayo, Mayor:

1. Additional funding for increased safety and protection to police department;
2. Additional funding for ditching, flooding and culverts;
3. Additional funding for wage increases up to a standard minimum wage rate of $10.00 per hour pursuant to the collective bargaining agreement;
4. Funding for “at risk” youth including the Special Skills Program in association with the Home Builders Association;
5. Funding for the Granny Goins Kitchen,O.K. Program and Council of Aging;
6. Funding for programs to beautify and make the City “litter free”;and
7. Overlay of Jackson Street.

It is further understood by the parties that quarterly budget amendments will be presented to the Monroe City Council prior to such budget amendment appearing on the Monroe City Council Agenda and further that a quarterly report on the above stated six(6) commitments be prepared and submitted to the council.

See here the signed document.


7 Responses to “Monroe Mayor Mayo Agrees – In Writing – To Council Budget Requests”

  1. Skip Says:

    ๐Ÿ™Œ Mayo is a clown with the local media blowing up โคด the wind ๐ŸŽ in his sail. Shame on News star and TV ๐Ÿ“บ coverage.

  2. Mason Jawr Says:

    Well this is interesting. I think Mayo knew the city council would pass their budget and rather than have his ego dashed made an agreement with them. I agree with Skip; ‘Shane on the News Star and KNOE’.

  3. bottomTim Says:

    “The Tyranny of Printers” is a start to explain the so called reporting at the News Star. They see power as the friend of the people to be cherished and never questioned. Promoting Mayo is the charge of the local media, the truth be damned. The truth is what we say it is. The rapid declining number of readers show that this is a failing effort.

  4. ermadabomb Says:

    The fact is that when reporters talk to the members of the City Council they always let Mayo respond with a whole page in the paper or on TV. The Council may get a sentence. Get smart Council. Stay away from the local media. Comment in writing to a written question from any reporter.

  5. Oldermann Says:

    All members of the city council can publish to the web, just as Walter Abbott does here on a wordpress blog. It is simple, it is inexpensive…almost free. So why does it not happen? Anyone?

    • bridgetweb Says:

      correct, council spends most of the time trying to find a way to do the job, like the budget. A great disadvantage compared to the well staffed and funded Mayor’s office. Council does not even have an office for the council members, they must see people at their homes for app $.70 an hour. None of this would matter if the Council was a rubber stamp Marx council. It will take at least 2 terms battling the press, Chamber of Commerce (paid by Mayo) and the Mayo attack team of paid assistants to Mayo. 2 terms to get a fix on the job of functioning as a Council. So publishing would have to wait for a second term if anyone lasts that long. Walter will have to be it for now…

  6. Lisa Smith Robinson Says:

    recall Mayo. recall century link. recall new star. recall chamber. recall progressive boy’s club. recall echerschetch. recall da. recall judges. a stinking system of sludge.

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