“Health Hut” Report @ LPPJ

Last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) featured a 15 minute report from Health Hut Community Healthcare Project CEO Landon Tooke.

The project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve the medical needs of the uninsured population of Lincoln Parish through mobile medical care, and is funded by a grant from the Lincoln Health Foundation.

Tooke said he was having some problems with parking the mobile unit in area communities. The unit needs a concrete apron on which to park, and significant electrical facilities to power the equipment.

He noted problems in Simsboro and Dubach, specifically.

Board President Hazel Hunter asked the jurors in those areas to coordinate with the mayors in those communities.

Said Hunter, “It is imperative that we continue to have that service, because all the service that the Health Hut is giving to our citizens is free.”

District Four’s Randy Roberson said he was unaware of the issues at Dubach, which is in his district.

Said Roberson, “This is the first I’ve heard of this.” He added, “I’ll get with him (the mayor) on this.”

In the earlier meeting of the Public Works Committee, the body unanimously adopted a policy for trapping and collecting a bounty on beavers. A couple of months ago, the issue of beaver dams and its potential for road flooding and damage was noted.

Here is the document that was adopted.

Also, the committee voted to assist the City of Grambling with road repair.

Here is the memo.


8 Responses to ““Health Hut” Report @ LPPJ”

  1. Eyesonyou Says:

    People uninsured? Does not Obama care require all to have health insurance? The poor get subsidized or free medical care. The state has transportation provided at a small cost. So why do we need a health Hut anyway?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Even if you have free/low cost insurance, you don’t go to the hospital for every minor injury. Look at all of the new walk-in/non-emergency clinics in NELA, this service is providing that for low income individuals in rural populations.

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      Because Obamacare is required, doesn’t mean that it is taken, even though there is a fine associated with not having insurance.
      It is my understanding that the service provided by the HH is one primarily of a preventive nature. (blood pressures, A1C, minor clinical visits, etc.)
      Assume for just a second that the HH services a population of illegals for whom insurance is not available. Then they, at the very least, keep this population from using our emergency rooms as their clinic. Obviously, the HH serves more than the illegal population but it does reduce the burden on the ERs.

      • Oldman Says:

        Close the borders,get rid of all illegals and then we won’t need this service. Billions of dollars saved and we are more secure than ever. People that come to this country should learn to pay their way or go home. But no we give them welfare,earned income credit,drivers license,Medicaid benefits,housing,free college,and just about everything else. A lot come here to destroy America and we pay them to do it,makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? No.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Great idea! We can simply close our giant borders and round up and depot all illegals immigrants by just raising taxes to afford such expense endeavors. Higher taxes for everyone!

          • Oldman Says:

            Wrong,no higher taxes ,it would mean lower taxes and we wouldn’t have to put up with all this crap illegals cause.Even a dumb do do could see that,are you a dumb do do,sounds like it.

            • Anonymous Says:

              How do you plan on paying for the giant wall on our borders and the people needed to patrol said wall? That money isn’t just going to magically appear. The wall is going to have to be just under 2,000 miles long in the south and over 5,500 miles long in the north. That’s a loooooooot of construction.

  2. Dan Burson Says:

    Why is it the same idiot hypocrites mouth off the hypocrite ignorance without knowing truth on anything—the same hypocrite wimps that support the wrong doings of the corrupt lol.

    Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2015 20:57:38 +0000 To: dannymb52@hotmail.com

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