Monroe Homeowners Sue City of Monroe Over Apartments

Several Monroe residents have sued the City of Monroe, seeking to have a stop work order issued, and the building permit revoked for apartment buildings under construction on Broadmoor Avenue.

The attorney for the plaintiffs is Tom Arceneaux of Shreveport.

See here the documents.

The plaintiffs claim the work permit was issued under an outdated site plan, and also violated zoning ordinances.


3 Responses to “Monroe Homeowners Sue City of Monroe Over Apartments”

  1. skipperT Says:

    They are my only doing what they were forced to do. Let’s donate to their cause.

  2. bigBird Says:


    Mayor Jamie Mayo and the Monroe City Council are pleased to announce the following initiative to the public.

    The City of Monroe is proud to announce we have once again partnered with My Mind is a Pearl to present our second annual HAPPY WEEK Celebration April 20 – 25, 2015.

    Above is Mayo’s answer to the suit.

  3. Nelli Hill Says:

    This will cost the tax payers over $20 million and Mayo $0. This was caused by the total incompetence of City officials. Other neighbourhoods that have been damaged will sue also. To the devil with the tax payers.

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