Monroe Council Budget MORE Than Mayo Budget

The Fiscal Year 2015-2016 general fund budget for the City of Monroe that was introduced by the Monroe City Council at Tuesday’s meeting was either $1 million or $2 million MORE than that proposed by Mayor Jamie Mayo, according to budget documents reviewed by Lincoln Parish News Online.

Ever since the council budget was revealed, Mayo has been baying that it would be “catastrophic” to the city’s operations. Also, city department heads flocked to the Tuesday meeting and one after the other caterwauled that their departments would be crippled from “cuts” if the Mayo budget wasn’t adopted.

Either they don’t know how to read a spreadsheet, or they were dissembling.

According to the council’s general fund summary, the Mayo budget predicts revenues of $59,094,042.00, and expenditures of $59,125,076.00. The council budgeted $60,094,842.00 in revenue, with the same amount of expenditures, about $1 million more.

See here the document.

A footnote says all the figures for 2014, 2015, and departmental requests for 2016 were supplied by the administration.

However, the Mayo budget general fund summary that was supplied in the information packet for Tuesday’s meeting showed projected revenues of $58,058,028.00 and expenditures of $56,486,746.00, or $2 million less in revenues and $4 million less in expenditures.

See here the document.

See here the complete council budget document.

Of course, you’ll never see this analysis in The (Monroe, LA) News Star, as their fiscal stupidity is legendary.


5 Responses to “Monroe Council Budget MORE Than Mayo Budget”

  1. Phil Says:

    The News Star is famous for their ‘wet streets cause rain’ stories.

  2. skipperT Says:

    Mayo and his media always cloud the issues to hide the real story. Mayo tries to blame the Council and stomp around like a spoiled child till he gets his way usually at the cost of taxpayers.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Well taxpayers remember that the next time you vote.

  4. Irma Jack Says:

    You would think the city would require accounting personnel to be able top do simple math. You would think it would be hard to misplace $2 million. Patrick of tax and revenue, some say, was taking $2 million per year and no one was the wiser. Its just tax payer money. May be the budget was created in the cloud. The cloud I am talking about is in the head of one of those math geniuses at city hall. I would say its “catastrophic” to let anyone in the city of Monroe handle money especially the controversial mayor. Maybe that wiz at money Glen Post could help the mayor find all those misplaced accounts.Monroe is then looser’s circle.

  5. helenT Says:

    If only the so called local media reporters had Walter’s skill. Monroe would be a better place. Instead the kaleb quotes Ezernic saying just ask the department heads. She does work for CTL real estate.

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