Mayo’s Budget Amended on 3-1 Vote

Controversial Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo’s 2015-2016 budget for the City of Monroe was amended at last night’s meeting on a 3-1 vote, and replaced with a budget crafted by the City Council.

Voting for the council budget were Armstrong, Blakes, and Wilson. Ezernack voted no, and Clark was not present.

The move didn’t sit well with Mayo, who exploded into a tirade, and accused Council Chair Ray Armstrong of lying, when he said he tried to meet with the administration.

Fumed Mayo, “They are not true, and you know they are not true.”

Armstong replied that he had emailed Mayo to ask for a meeting, and he had declined. Armstrong said he had the emails to prove his assertion.

Many department heads also spoke up against the council’s budget, which in many instances apparently were the same monetary amounts as was spent in last year’s budget.

Armstrong was not successful in getting the votes for an ordinance that would require bids for professional services. That motion failed on a 2-2 vote, with Ezernack and Wilson voting no.

As with the budget, many city department heads opposed the ordinance, saying it would cause undue delay in the city’s business.

Also commenting was CenturyLink VP & Assistant General Counsel Carrick Inabnett, who claimed to be speaking on behalf of the company.

Inabnett said he saw no reason to change procedures, as corruption wasn’t a problem with the city. Armstrong had said with a bid process, favoritism for preferred contractors would be less likely.

Said Inabnett, “With respect to this particular bid process, we’re unaware of any criminal or civil action that addresses this particular issue.”

Inabnett apparently forgot about the two former Monroe councilmen who were recently convicted for bribery and are serving time in federal prison, Robert “Red” Stevens and Arthur Gilmore.

7 Responses to “Mayo’s Budget Amended on 3-1 Vote”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Mayo has got to go. Hey hey mayo has got to go. Got a ring to it.

  2. helenT Says:

    Carrick was a big supporter of Gilmore and Mayo. His aunt got him the job at CTL. He is sour about his aunt Mary 97% Obama Landrieu losing to a Doctor. Carrick even supported Mayo when Mayo was defending hiring the child predator at the city golf course. When asked Carrick said that his brat son played golf at the country club and didn’t half to worry. Carrick forgot that J. Marx got the predator a job at the country club before the city job.

  3. catnip Says:

    Someone tell Blackie to fire this moron. CTL preaches: avoid conflict and controversy and this frump explodes in the spotlight like a bug on the windshield. I’m putting in a sell order on CTL asap.

  4. JohnnieP Says:

    When it comes to intellectual capital Carrick is bankrupt. Who would hire such a person?

  5. OPP Says:

    What are they afraid of someone will not get paid for all the corruption going on in the city…Jerry Jones next James Mayo…go figure and the list continues…

  6. Jack Johnson Says:

    Let’s get the record straight. It was the Century Tel thugs that financed Mayo’s last campaign for mayor. Carrick is just an extension of Blackie. When Blackie was asked was there crime in Monroe he stated there was no crime in Monroe only the idiots that want let Gardner Denver have their lobby. To para phrase Blackie citizens of Monroe go to hell I only care about what City of Monroe will give Century Tel. Century Tel is not a good neighbor. Century Tel is handicapping the City of Monroe and needs to leave. 15 articles were recently written all highly critical of Century Tel from customer complaints to employee complaints. This is not a good company and the City of Monroe can do better. There would not be a corrupt City of Monroe if Century Tel did not endorse the corruption was was getting something out of it.

  7. Peoplepower Says:

    Does anyone remember Mayo running State Farm out of Monroe. Now CenturyL is trying to be Mayo’s love bunny. State Farm had employees that lived here and paid taxes. Century is building an employee base built on the These employees are completely under the company’s control and work cheaper. They never complain. A business wise decision but does not help the community. These employees will live in the new Century Town not Monroe.

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