Finally! A Louisiana Politician Actually Concerned About Public Corruption

David Vitter Ahead Of The Pack On Louisiana’s Public Corruption Problem

By John Binder

When it comes to public corruption, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) is not playing.

In a meeting with experts yesterday, Vitter talked about the state’s problem with public corruption, telling the Advocate that the issue takes a lot of work to change the nature of political scandal.

“It is still a challenge in Louisiana,” Vitter said of revamping the state’s ethics laws and rooting out corruption. “We need to have a zero-tolerance policy.”

Vitter seems to already be proposing campaign finance reform laws in the state, telling reports after the meeting that politicians should not be able to use campaign money to buy sporting event tickets.

Other public corruption issues Vitter is looking to tackle include term limits, transparency within state government, protections for whistle-blowers and government contract reform.

Here are some of the experts who spoke with Vitter on the issue:

East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore III
The Public Affairs Research Council Robert Scott
Louisiana Attorney General Criminal Division Director Kurt Wall
Political Pundit and Attorney C.B. Forgotston
State Inspector General Stephen B. Street, Jr.

Forgotson said he had never been to a meeting as good as the one that Vitter held, saying he was expecting a lecture, but instead it was all about input on how to remedy cronyism.

Though Vitter is seen as the front-runner in the state’s gubernatorial race, he is facing challenges from Republicans Lt. Gov Jay Dardenne, Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle and Democrat Rep. John Bel Edwards (D-Amite).

Vitter has already held a number of meetings with experts on different issues in the state.

The last meeting was held in New Orleans to discuss the city’s issue of violent crime and the State Police’s role in fixing that problem. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu was absent.


15 Responses to “Finally! A Louisiana Politician Actually Concerned About Public Corruption”

  1. Pat Says:

    When one lives in a culture and society that is by and large corrupt itself, one should not be surprised to have corrupt people win elections.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Are we reading this correctly? You can’t seriously expect us to believe that Vitter is a viable model of public integrity. David Vitter, our soliciting senator?!!

    If that’s your model of integrity, then you need to rethink your moral priorities.

  3. curious Says:

    Is this the same David Vitter that was implemented in a prostitution scandal?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    more like Vitter is trying to get elected, we know he will say anything to get his way

  5. Oldman Says:

    You people need to stop running Vitter down,at least he’s talking on how to stop corruption,nobody else wants to talk it. Give the man a chance. How many of you have done the same as he and just not got caught? It’s a step in the right direction as Louisiana is the most corrupt state in the south.
    Ok you can now jump on me and tell why I’m wrong,please.
    Have a good day,

  6. Eyesonyou Says:

    Most likely the people that puts Vitter down believes that abortion,queer marriage, lying and all the other far left beliefs are okay Jesus was goods friends with prostitutes so according to anonymous 9:53 Jesus was lacking in integrity. Vitter is no Jesus but he is whole lot better than the others that are running.

  7. YouDon'tSay Says:

    Come on, D. Vitter made friends once a long time ago, with a working girl. No one reading this or criticising him has any right to throw the first stone.
    I challenge you to find a US senator who has been more true to traditional conservative principles.
    He’s already got my vote for governor.

  8. Dan Burson Says:

    Vitter has some nerve—he is just as corrupt as the people in Lincoln parish sheriffs office.

    Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 13:44:19 +0000 To:

    • Oldman Says:

      Dan I’ve never heard you say anything good about anybody. What is your problem? Somebody in Lincoln Parish done you wrong? You must be some lonely dude,get a life,look for the good in people. You’ll feel better I’ll bet.

  9. curious Says:

    July 2007 David Vitter confessed to a “very serious sin” Now I’m not throwing stones just words and I don’t solicit prostitutes. Vitter succeeded Bob Livingston who also was implicated with having an affair. Livingston resigned. Now I honor Livingston for his morals and conviction. I personally felt this came at a bad time for Louisiana. But I don’t see how one man’s fight to stomp public corruption while he has a past is news worthy. It just make Louisiana look bad.

    • Oldman Says:

      I don’t know the correct answer for you,but this is far from hurting Louisiana. I think it shows that Vitter is a better man by far for not resigning like Livingston did. I want to think he is trying to make good for all the things he did. We need someone to step up and fight corruption and so far he’s the only one to do so. Quit trying to run down someone you say has a bad past,he might be trying to do better. I don’t see how you can honor Livingston and not Vitter both done the same thing,Livingston quit and Vitter is trying to better himself. I’ll bet you voted for Edwards for Governor,look what a crook he was. I’ll bet you are a Democrat as they don’t like people fighting corruption,what are you?

      • curious Says:

        Livingston was the whipping boy for the Republican party, who were trying to impeach Clinton. Having Livingston as speaker of the house would have benefited Louisiana greatly. Do I think he go a raw deal? Sure I do but he stood by his convictions and did the right thing and resigned. Livingston did not run on a family values platform. I’m not saying that politicians don’t make mistakes. They are human like everyone else, they just don’t want anyone to no it. I am not trying to run anyone down. I find it ironic that he is doing this. I don’t vote based on a party. I vote on the issues, what the individual has to say then make up my mind. Not every party member is going to agree with my ideals. And no never voted for Edwards, sorry to burst your bubble.

  10. Oldman Says:

    Look at Gov. Edwards,nothing but a smooth talking crook. The Jackson Parish Chamber had him as feature speaker last week. A large crowd at The First Baptist Church enjoyed listening to him brag about his past.How many will show up to hear about doing away with corruption,very few. At least Vitter has the balls to come out against corruption,I have not heard him brag about his past,have you? Get behind Vitter and maybe something will come out of him staying in office,if not find someone who will. Quit tearing our state apart,there are very few people that will get up and fight the establishment.Our country has no Presdident,no Vice Presdident and very few congressmen that will fight for the good of our country,it needs help a lot of help.
    I’m off my stomp now,

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