Lincoln Parish to Become Latest Louisiana Speed Trap

Add Lincoln Parish to the notorious Louisiana localities (Dodson, Woodworth, Dry Prong, Baskin) that uses speeding tickets as a source of money to fund government.

According to an article in The Ruston Daily Leader, newly minted District Attorney John Belton is instituting a Local Agency Compensated Enforcement (LACE) program whereby law enforcement overtime is funded by the DA’s office in exchange for a cut of the ticket revenues.

We will file a public records request for a copy of the the agreement, and what agencies are included.

Belton was quoted thus: “I’ve been on the job five weeks, and the biggest challenge we have is not prosecution but finances.”


10 Responses to “Lincoln Parish to Become Latest Louisiana Speed Trap”

  1. Cowboy Says:

    Yet another prosecutor steps forward to admit the lie that they are concerned about public safety by admitting that “It’s all about the money, boys! That’s It!”

    Americans are fast losing confidence in their government at all levels including law enforcement as they witness outrageous incidents like asset forfeiture and speed traps designed to raise revenue but cloaked in such insulting terms as being about public safety. We all know this to be the lie that it is, and these lies only serve to increase our cynicism and decrease our respect for law enforcement, the people who work in law enforcement, and government in general.

    Talk of secession, armed revolution, anarchy, and chaos originates because government officials disrespect citizens with their outright lies to mask the true intentions of their initiatives which become all too clear to us quick enough despite their carefully crafted narratives. It’s NEVER about the kids, but all about the teacher’s unions when it comes to raising school taxes. It’s NEVER about preventing gun violence when it comes to banning firearms and ammunition which we know does nothing to prevent people forom killing each other. And it’s NEVER about public safety when local government announces a crackdown on speeding! It’s ALWAYS about soaking taxpayers for more money, disarming citizens so the elitist class can sleep easier at night, and raking in as much money as possible since they know with absolute certainty that another tax in Lincoln Parish will fail just as sure as the sun will rise in the East tomorrow!

    Talk about a tone-deaf and tin-eared politician! DA John Belton comes out of the gate with a speeding crackdown on local citizens to raise revenue INSTEAD of focusing on prosecution. No, DA Belton, you don’t have a revenue problem. You have a prosecution problem! It has been pointed out numerous times that those charged with minor offenses should be bonded out to await trial; that some minor offenses should be plea bargained away for time served and/or a fine; and that major criminal offenses should be prosecuted so as to move the defendant from the local jail system to the state prison system! If you aren’t up to the task, then resign so someone who is up to the task can take over and get on the job!

    These days, every new politician who gets elected immediately begins whining about revenues while completely forgetting every campaign theme they ran on to get elected!

  2. Oldman Says:

    Very good article,Cowboy.We need lots more people”voters” like you.
    Laugh of the day “Big Government will spend your money wisely”
    Have a good day

  3. Anonymous Says:


    • Donald Maroon Fouler Says:

    • Mr. E Says:

      Spoken like a true snarky liberal troll in their best nanny state smarmy lecturing voice, “well if you aren’t breaking the law, then you have nothing to worry about.” This condescending attitude fails to account for the fact that police are targeting local citizens strictly for revenue while pushing the false narrative that the program is strictly about public safety. It also fails to consider that police will be actively seeking to maximize revenue, so any citizen casually going about their business who allows their vehicle to drift over the speed limit going down a long hill will be nabbed by the police who will have targeted those areas most likely to catch drivers unaware.

      Another thing different about this incident is the fact that DA John Belton specifically listed the reason behind its inception as being to maximize revenue. A DA looking to maximize revenue is not likely to consider extenuating circumstances in any case brought before him.

      There are two competing legal concepts always at work when it comes to the law. There is the spirit of the law and the letter of the law. Those who seek to use the law to their benefit become legalistic and quickly remove any compassion and sense of justice from the system. These people are exactly like the Pharisees of the Bible who sought to use the Jewish law to their advantage in oppressing their fellow Jews.

      The law was originally intended to identify basic prohibitions on behavior so as to maximize the ability of people to live in a civil society. This is the concept of the spirit of the law whereby people generally obey the law as best they can within reason. Of course, this only applies to minor offenses and not major crimes like murder, robbery, rape, assault, etc. A person generally following the speed limit who occasionally drifts over that limit going downhill should be granted some benefit of the doubt and is most of the time. That individual racing down the road at excessive speed posing a danger to himself and others has forsaken any benefit of the doubt and should be stopped. It may turn out he’s rushing someone to the emergency room, but that is a rare case.

      In this case DA Belton is legalistically seeking to enforce the letter of the law to maximize revenue, and he is prepared to use every method at the disposal of law enforcement to catch as many local drivers off guard as possible to achieve his revenue maximization goal. He is doing this as an alternative to raising taxes because he is fully aware that revenue stream is unlikely to pass muster with voters tired of watching their taxes go up to fund more government that then seeks to tax them again with speed traps and asset forfeiture laws that are being widely abused.

      So, you can save the snarky condescending attitude because we citizens are sick to death of you liberals with your holier-than-thou attitudes lecturing us on our responsibilities as citizens while you all seek to fleece us at every turn.

      • Libssuck Says:

        And his keyboard is broken, too.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Nah , just a officer of the law that can and will respect you. And I expect the same respect

        • Mr. E Says:

          You give respect, you get respect. That isn’t the issue here. The issue is that Belton just cast aspersions on the motives of any law enforcement officer out there stopping a driver for speeding. That stopped driver is now cynically awaiting the approach of that law enforcement officer thinking that he is about to become the latest victim of an out-of-control government seeking revenue any way they can get it – including the robbing of drivers by law enforcement officers at the direction of the local DA!

          We in Louisiana have put up with red light cameras, speed traps, and various other means of law enforcement technology sold under the rubric that they were “installed purely for public safety concerns” when the truth is that they were installed purely to raise revenue! These combined actions have only served to undermine public support for law enforcement that continues to suit up in paramilitary garb and acquire military grade weapons while robbing citizens through speed traps, red light cameras, and asset forfeiture programs! You demand respect, but you and your brother police undermine your case for respect with these stunts!

          The red light cameras are being removed because it is no longer possible to hide the fiction that they were installed for public safety as the truth about the parent company getting a cut of revenues while bribing local officials to install the cameras with promises of the amount of extra revenue they would raise come to light. Now we get a DA admitting that speed traps exist purely to raise revenue and have nothing whatsoever to do with public safety.

          Our local government officials are throwing you law enforcement officers under the bus by admitting that most of what you do on a day-to-day basis is about raising revenue to support their spending and not about public safety! You boys all need to get together and get your stories straight because your slips are starting to show! Belton’s big push as the new DA isn’t about public safety or cracking down on crime or going after drug pushers – it’s about raising revenue! That tells me all I need to know about our new DA!

          BTW, you law officers want more respect? Ditch the paramilitary garb we citizens laugh so hard at and get rid of the military weapons! You look like a bunch of want-to-be soldiers parading around in your black ops gear trying to look all tough and imposing like you’re all-of-a-sudden somebody! You remind me of those lawyers and doctors who buy Harleys and dress up as bikers on the weekend – a bunch of fake poseurs!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    And here we go with the kneejerk, “must be a wacko liberal” bullshit. I consider myself a yellow-dog democrat if there ever was one and I’m appalled by Belton’s comments.
    Why ruin a perfectly reasonable argument with that petty crap that inevitably colors the rest of what you have to say?
    Give me a break.

    • Cowboy Says:

      So you, a “yellow-dog Democrat if ever there was one,” are appalled by Belton’s comments? Perhaps those opinions expressed in the comment thread aren’t nearly so “knee-jerk ‘must be a liberal wacko’ bullshit” reactionary as you’d like to believe! Perhaps they are spot on and capture the situation perfectly, but you are just not willing to admit it because you’re too indoctrinated by the yellow-dog Democrats to think objectively for yourself. Or, perhaps reality is mugging yet another Democrat! At least you are appalled by Belton’s comments. That’s progress of a sort.

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