Legislature Seen Considering Internet Tax

According to Jeremy Alford’s LA Politics Weekly, the Louisiana Legislature is considering a sales tax on internet transactions.

As for the Internet sales tax idea, there are a lot of moving pieces. How much is the first question, with estimates ranging from $10 million to $400 million. “I know we recently heard some very conservative estimates, but I have a hard time believing if we collect on everything from Amazon and Overstock alone that we only get $10 million,” said a lawmaker.

Also on lawmakers’ minds: they may take it on the chin during an election year for making voters pay more for shopping online. Plus, in other states that have gone down this digital road, court challenges have followed.


3 Responses to “Legislature Seen Considering Internet Tax”

  1. SkipperT Says:

    Touch this and lose votes

  2. NoMore Says:

    I keep reminding you folks: we have about lost control of what was supposed to be “our” government.
    The way to regain control, is to cut the money off. when they are out of or low on money, you have politicians’ complete attention.
    All the sneaky ways government gets money without peoples’ direct consent, and without people realizing it, are nothing more than a power grab. It also lessens our ability to cut the money off when we disagree with what they are doing with it.
    Just look at the growth of government since the federal government began payroll withholding: if people had to write that check on April 15, there would have been open rebellion against the confiscatory tax rates years ago.
    Another big lie politicians use: tax business. People think someone else is paying. Don’t you realize people pay all taxes? A tax on a business simply becomes part of the cost of the product or service the business is providing for its customers. In other words: hidden from you.

  3. Oldman Says:

    No more taxes,a liberal democrat would tax the air we breath if they could find a way to meter it. What’s going to happen when there is no more money? It should go back and be like it was 50 years ago,the only people that could vote a tax in were the property owners,now you can vote a tax in that other people will have to pay,that’s not fair. Even legal aliens can vote for a tax,everybody has this give me attitude,I want what you got. Liberal socialist democrats have taken over big government,and it’s time to do something about it.
    Have a good day

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