Sinyale Morrison Update

From KTVE-TV10’s Nick Lawton

Legal Petition Claims Former Monroe City Engineer Owes Hundreds of Thousands in Mortgage Payments

MONROE (KTVE/KARD) — Former Monroe City Engineer Sinyale Morrison already faces charges of Payroll Fraud and Conspiracy to Commit Fraud after a 2011 audit suggested she paid former city engineering employee Ricardo Nance for work he didn’t do.

She resigned in November 2012.

Now, a Petition for Executory Process by Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC was filed back on January 7th for the courts to force Morrison to pay $293,379.30 in mortgage payments.

The petition claims back on June 20, 2008, Morrison took out a mortgage on her property listed in the 2200 block of Pargoud Boulevard in Monroe.

The mortgage was for $314,500.

The documents show Morrison signed off on the mortgage, as did a notary, and Morrison gave a promissory note to Hometown Mortgage Services, Inc.

The petition reads Ocwen got involved when the note defaulted and their attornies claim it still hasn’t been fully paid.

Ocwen’s attornies filed the petition and on January 20th filed a Writ of Seizure and Sale with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office on Morrison’s mortgaged house.

For now, it’s unclear if Morrison still resides there, but Ouachita Parish records still list her as the owner of the home.

Records also read that all 2014 property taxes were paid.

The attorney filing the petition, Mark Garrison, wouldn’t return KTVE/KARD’s calls.

Those behind the petition are also looking for Morrison.

Its curator, Attorney Kenneth Trahan, published a legal advertisement in a Monroe newspaper asking anyone for Morrison’s whereabouts.

A court date has not been set for the petition and a day in court for the other charges is still pending.

When KTVE/KARD arrived at Morrison’s house, it appeared to be empty.

KTVE/KARD talked to Morrison’s new attorney, Katrina Jackson, who is also the District 16 State Representative.

Jackson told KTVE/KARD she was currently in Baton Rouge in appropriations hearings for the state budget and she won’t comment on any non-criminal matters against Morrison.

Morrison’s trial for the Payroll Fraud and Conspiracy to Commit Fraud charges was set for March 30th, but Jackson said it’s being pushed back to an unknown date.

As far as where Morrison currently lives, Jackson said she didn’t know Morrison’s personal information.


6 Responses to “Sinyale Morrison Update”

  1. Jeffery Stone Says:

    I know where Morrison is. She is in Bentonville, Arkansas trying to broker a deal.

    • Kaye Johnson Says:

      And you felt the need to expose that why exactly? I sure hope you’re not considered a “friend”.

  2. BigFoot Says:

    The city investigator was racist as was the state auditor and now the mortgage company is racist for wanting her to make payments. Remember she planned to become Secretary of State and then President. As President she could force the company to forgive her loan. Mayo really does hire the most qualified people as department heads. Mayo also hired 3 Nigerians to work for the city. So I would guess that she is in Nigeria brokering a deal.

    • Kaye Johnson Says:

      That’s the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard and I”M BLACK! We have to deal with enough racism so stop blowing smoke where there is none.

  3. SkipperT Says:

    TV10’s Nick Lawton needs someone to proofread his work. You must know how to spell to investigate crime. Morrison should ask her attorney to help with her budget since she is working on the state budget. Who is paying for Morrison’s budget busting attorney?

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