Higher Ed About Patronage Jobs Instead of Education

Unless you’ve lived in a cave the past few months, you know all about Louisiana’s budget “crisis,” particularly in regards to higher education funding. Herewith is a letter to the editor in The (Baton Rouge) Advocate with a point of view you’ll never otherwise hear:

Letter: Let’s re-examine needs for state’s structure of higher education

In a recent issue of The Advocate, the article on cutting funding for higher education shows the total number of campuses spread across the state at 30. Fourteen of these are four-year colleges. This is a dilution of the total money available for higher education. This number is unreasonable for a state the size and as poor as Louisiana.

I know this is a political sacred cow and no politician will touch it. With the exception of LSU’s main campus, none of these university’s athletics can support themselves. Funding must come from the university’s educational funds. Do we really need 14 four-year universities when only about 50 percent of freshman graduate? Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate our needs.

J.W. Melancon
retired engineer
Baton Rouge

Keep in mind that whenever a politician uses the term “it’s for the children,” what he’s really doing is using kids as a “human shield” to extract more taxes from the enslaved, that will in turn be spent to pay off political favors and for patronage jobs.

There’s never enough money for them, ever.


6 Responses to “Higher Ed About Patronage Jobs Instead of Education”

  1. Oldman Says:

    ” Big Govt. knows best and will spend your money wisely”

  2. Donald Maroon Fouler Says:

    The Education Industry in America is a jobs program for liberal arts majors.

  3. Cowboy Says:

    Do we really need 14 four-year universities when Louisiana graduates have to go to Dallas to find a job? Companies considering locating their operations in Louisiana consistently cite a lack of college educated workers as a reason for dismissing Louisiana as a place to do business. This is absolutely ridiculous when we turn out scores of eminently qualified college graduates each year only to see them relocate to states that can provide the jobs Louisiana can’t!

    Now we read where Stephen Moret of LED is taking a cushy LSU Foundation job as he exits the fast sinking Jindal administration. Moret wasted billions of Louisiana taxpayer dollars to fund dubious and fraudulent schemes on the promise of jobs that never materialized, but he ensured himself a lucrative position before Jindal implodes on the national stage.

    Bobby Jindal has been a complete embarrassment and total waste of space as he has frittered away his tenure running for national office all on the dime of Louisiana taxpayers! The only reason, and I mean the ONLY reason, Jindal cut higher education spending was to plug his patched up budget leaks. As bad as I hate to admit Jindal has done ANYTHING right, he did cut the sacred higher education budget, albeit for all the wrong reasons! There was no principled conservative stand being made by Jindal, just the desperation of a politician watching his aspirations of higher office evaporate in a sea of budgetary red ink of his own making.

    Lower taxes were never responsible for the economic juggernaut in Texas. They helped, but the real reason the Texas economy is producing jobs for Louisiana college graduates is due to tort reform! For all of his conservative talk, Jindal NEVER had the wherewithal to take on the trial lawyers and ensure Louisiana prospered like a Scott Walker took on the unions in Wisconsin to improve his state’s chances at economic success. All Jindal managed to do was wreck the budget, exhaust every rainy day fund Louisiana ever had, and leave us all poorer for the experience of his governorship with absolutely nothing to show for his efforts! Bobby Jindal is the Barack Obama of the establishment GOP!

  4. AlfredE Says:

    The move to community colleges allowed the state to relax standards for high school, so more minorities could graduate. Otherwise all the public school systems are goign to be accused of systemic racism and the lawsuits will never end.
    Now,anyone with any gumption can attend the community college, complete what they should have gotten in high school, then go to college.

    It’s also a great jobs program: separate administrations for each campus. Perfect example: Lincoln parish, with approx. 15,000 students in TWO, four-year universities six miles apart.

    Hey, wait: I hear grade inflation is rampant at La 4-year colleges now. Say it ain’t so…

  5. YouDon'tSay Says:

    You kidding?
    I’m calling KEN BOOTH

  6. Donald Maroon Fouler Says:


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