Sinyale Morrison Missing and Bankrupt?

Seen in the legal advertising section of a Monroe, LA newspaper:

ANYONE KNOWING the whereabouts of Sinyale Woods Morrison, please contact Kenneth M. Trahan, Attorney at Law, 105 Vernon Street, 2nd Floor, West Monroe, Louisiana 71291, (318) 387-2776.

Monroe, LA
March 14, 15, 16, 2015

Morrison, the former City Engineer for the City of Monroe, had been indicted two years ago for payroll fraud, and is awaiting trial.

She also filed for bankruptcy in February of this year.


5 Responses to “Sinyale Morrison Missing and Bankrupt?”

  1. John Witiker Says:

    At the request of the mayor, the incompetent DA’s office still has not prosecuted Morrison. In fact they have been careful not to interviewed anyone that could lead to Morrison’s conviction. Incompetence is not criminal, but gross negligence is. Who is more incompetent Morrison or the DA’s office? We can only pray justice prevails, not like in the Little Feather trial.

  2. Debra Walker Says:

    Where oh where is Carmine San Diego? Why she is on Facebook every day where all the rich and beautiful people are.

  3. Big foot Says:

    The good news is that Monroe city employees are rallying behind their beloved department head Sinyale. There is a collection jar at city hall for the Sinyale defense fund. $2.78 has been collected already.

  4. AlfredE Says:

    What’s that little drink with the umbrella in it, that you lay up on the beach and drink when you are somewhere in the Carribean ON THE LAM?
    At least she’s gone; that’s something positive.

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