Lincoln School Superintendent Interviews Next Week

Special meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board next week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

See here the agenda with timetable details.

The meetings will be held at the Central Office, 410 South Farmerville.


3 Responses to “Lincoln School Superintendent Interviews Next Week”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    We need someone new, from the outside to shake things up a little bit, especially in the central office. Most definitely don’t need Milsteead. LP math scores, grades are in the tank because of his choice of math gurus. If he is superintendent, those guru’s follow him to the cental office and our math scores continue to suffer. We once had wonderful math scores especially on ACT. Now, it’s usually the lowest. My son who has always loved math, now hates it. His hate for math was fostered in ninth grade algebra with Milsteads math guru. Just saying!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Have you seen the other candidates? We certainly don’t need one of those 3 from the Monroe City Schools.

  3. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    There is nothing binding the school board to accept any of the potential candidates. They have the right, dare I say duty, to reject them all if they are beneath the standard being sought. On the flip side, if it won’t affect their re-election, they can just pick the lesser of the available evils.

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