LPPJ Declares Emergency Over Garbage Hauling

We were unable to make all of Tuesday night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ), but were able to catch the last few minutes and can report on what happened in the Solid Waste Committee Meeting.

Choudrant’s Jackie White, Inc. asked to be released from his contract for hauling garbage from the Lincoln Parish Landfill to the Union Parish Landfill. White said he could no longer get insurance for his equipment.

His contract was due to expire at the end of 2015.

The committee and the full jury agreed, and will terminate the contract effective 5/3. An “emergency” was declared so that jury administrator Courtney Hall can secure an interim hauler and/or equipment until such time as another solution can be found.

Recall that five years ago the previous jury awarded White the contract, even though they had another bid that was considerably cheaper.

LPPJ Pisses Away $300K/Year of Tax Money – Awards Garbage Haul Contract to High Bidder

LPPJ Attacks Taxpayers – Votes for High Bid

It is estimated that Lincoln Parish Taxpayers paid an extra $1 million to $1 1/2 million over the life of the contract.


One Response to “LPPJ Declares Emergency Over Garbage Hauling”

  1. Oldman Says:

    The cost of business is going up.Somebody’s friend wants more money. But never worry big govt.knows best. Most of the money goes for labor and big fancy offices,very little gets put on the problems. All of this is our fault as we keep voting these sorry people in office. We can do better,we deserve better people in office don’t you think? Remember all this time you vote.

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