Deadhead Lobby Demands MORE From Tax Slaves

Economists tell Louisiana Legislators to raise cigarette tax, cut inventory tax

A team of economists that has been studying the state’s taxing structure said Tuesday Louisiana legislators could raise $800 million immediately by raising the tax on cigarettes, partially rolling back inventory taxes, and stopping the practice of allowing taxpayers to write off their federal deductions on state returns.

Tax credits, exemptions and other breaks for business have mushroomed over the past decade. A handful of the giveaway programs examined by The Advocate in a recent series found that their cost had shot up from just over $200 million to $1.1 billion during the past decade.

In their analysis, the Louisiana Tax Study economists said their final report would recommend more than a couple dozen changes to make the state’s tax base broader, its rates lower and its burden more fair, while providing money enough for state government to pay for services. LSU economist Jim Richardson said how the system is ultimately structured is up to lawmakers, but depending on the choices made, up to 90 percent of Louisiana’s taxpayers eventually could see a modest decrease.

It is notable that Richardson, often quoted in the Louisiana Paid Media, draws a government salary of about $172 thousand/year, according to an LSU Reveille database.


9 Responses to “Deadhead Lobby Demands MORE From Tax Slaves”

  1. Donald Maroon Fouler Says:

    I know, we can pass some more constitutional amendments constricting how the legislature can budget! Oh, wait…

  2. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    Follow the lead of our neighbor on some items.
    It is my understanding that Texas legislature only convenes every other year. I think the less time they spend in Baton Rouge slapping each other on the back, the better.

  3. Oldman Says:

    “Government knows best and will spend your money wisely.”

  4. Oldman Says:

    “Government view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:if it moves,tax it. If it keeps moving,regulate it.And if it stops moving,subsidize it.”
    Ronald Reagan

  5. Vee Says:

    Before the Winnfield Rotary, Fannin talked about tax credits and exemptions as an area the governor and legislature hope to bridge the deficit. Fannin said the state writes about $375 million in checks back to folks for tax credits.
    Well, well, Fannin didn’t miss an opportunity to cash in on a $6000 tax credit while he had the opportunity. He rushed to send an amended tax return to take advantage of fuel tax credit on 2 vehicles he bought in 2010. That opportunity don’t exist anymore.
    After the legislative session ended, Fannin said that if others followed his lead there would have been a $100 Million cash problem for the state budget.
    He now wants to be the next senator for district 35!!!

  6. Vee Says:

    I’m just ticked off that all government thinks about is taxing the wage earners more and more.
    Economists study, again and again.
    In Dec. 2013, the state hired a NY firm for $4Million plus (turned out to be more like $5Million) . They guaranteed the state could save $500 million in 2014.
    In 2014, however, Jim Fannin, chairman of the Appropriation Committee refused to hold pre-session hearings on the budget and even delayed session hearings. Jim Fannin purposely delayed hearings to ensure that the budget would not be finalized until the last day of the 2014 Regular Session. That means Bobby Jindal could wait until the session was over to use his line-item veto to punish any legislators who didn’t vote how he wanted them to on the substantive bills.
    In fact, most of the alleged savings were not released until after the 2014 session concluded. Which savings and the extent of savings to lessen the revenue shortfalls in the Fiscal Year 2015 budget were never revealed to the public.
    Jim Fannin has announced he plans to run for the senate seat for district 35.
    Is this the kind of “leadership ” we need?

    • Oldman Says:

      “Governmental fat cat” comes to mind.Fannin would like to be Govenor,we don’t need that,no way.

  7. NoMore Says:

    Do not give these people any more money. Period.
    They will waste it.

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