Ruston City Council Last Night

It was a very routine Ruston Board of Alderman meeting last night, with but 1/2 dozen or so action items on the agenda.

The council unanimously approved a cooperative endeavor agreement with the North Louisiana Military Museum. That agreement authorizes the city to pay for utilities, up to $5,500/yr. Other operations of the museum are funded by the state, via the Secretary of State’s Museums Division.

Museum Director Ernie Stevens thanked the city for its support.

Said Stevens, “I just wanted to come here this afternoon to express to the council how grateful we are for your past support for the military museum, and how deeply appreciated that you considered this today. Thank you.”

Water Utility’s Keith Jeselink was authorized to apply for Louisiana Office of Community Development grant funds for work on the water system in the Snowden Street area, off Barnett Springs.

Jeselink said that the project would go forward regardless, but that the additional funding would help the project along.

Lincoln Parish Police Juror Theresa Wyatt (District One), spoke in support of the project.

Jeselink said that the project would hopefully be well underway later this year.


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