Shreveport Councilman Wants AG Opinion on City Attorney Conflict; Situation Similar to Monroe

Newly elected Shreveport District A Councilman Willie Bradford has asked the Louisiana Attorney General (AG) for an opinion regarding the conflicting duties of the City Attorney.

See here the document.

Bradford notes in his request that the City Attorney is appointed by the mayor and approved by the council. That individual represents the city, rather than the council or the mayor specifically, and serves at the pleasure of the mayor, Bradford wrote.

Bradford went on to say that the council is not afforded the conflict-free legal representation contemplated by Rule 1.7 of the Louisiana Rules for Professional Conduct for attorneys.

The situation in Shreveport is strikingly similar to that of the City of Monroe, where that city’s attorney supposedly works for both the mayor and the council, per Section 4-02 of the Monroe City Charter.

The Monroe City Council has entertained the idea of hiring its own attorney in the past.


2 Responses to “Shreveport Councilman Wants AG Opinion on City Attorney Conflict; Situation Similar to Monroe”

  1. skipperT Says:

    this guy is a credit to his office

  2. James Watson Says:

    Monroe City Council should appoint an attorney to represent the council.

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