Deadheads Get Snow Day; Tax Slaves Get to Work

Winter Weather Closings for Monday, February 23 – KTVE-TV10

-Lincoln Parish Public Schools: Closed Monday
-Cedar Creek School: Closed Monday
-All Louisiana Tech University campuses, including Tech-Barksdale and the Shreveport Center: Closed Monday
-Grambling State University: Closed Monday
-Louisiana Delta Community College (All Campuses): Closed Monday
-Grambling Laboratory School K-12: Closed Monday
-Union Parish Public Schools: Closed Monday
-Union Christian Academy: Closed Monday
-D’Arbonne Woods Charter School: Closed Monday
-Downsville Charter School: Closed Monday
-Mom’s Helper Daycare in Farmerville: Closed Monday
-Ouachita Christian School: Closed Monday
-Jackson Parish Schools: Closed Monday
-Jackson Parish Public Libraries: Closed Monday
-Jackson Parish Courthouse: Closed Monday
-Jackson Parish Police Jury: Closed Monday
-University of Louisiana Monroe (All Campuses): Closed Monday
-Montessori School of Ruston: Closed Monday
-Our Lady of Fatima School: Closed Monday
-Jesus The Good Shepherd: Closed Monday
-St. Frederick’s High School: Closed Monday
-Ouachita Parish Schools: Closed Monday
-Richland Parish Schools: Closed Monday
-Claiborne Parish Schools: Closed Monday
-Monroe City Schools: Closed Monday
-Delhi Charter School: Closed Monday
-Claiborne Christian School and K-4: Closed Monday
-Franklin Academy: Closed Monday
-West Carroll Parish Schools: Closed Monday
-Grace Episcopal School: Closed Monday
-Learning Tech Quest School (Full School & After School Programs): Closed Monday
-Franklin Parish Schools: Closed Monday
-All OMCAP Head Start: Closed Monday
-Bayou Gymnastic Pre-School: Closed Monday
-Unitech Training Academy: Closed Monday
-Riverfield Academy (Rayville): Closed Monday
-Vision Academy High School (Monroe): Closed Monday
-Delta Head Start & Early Head Start in Madison/East Carroll & Richland Parishes: Closed Monday
-YMCA After School Programs: Closed Monday
-Ouachita Council of Aging: Closed Monday
-Prevailing Faith Christian Academy: Closed Monday
-Beekman Charter School Teacher In-Services: Closed Monday
-Happy Days Development and Learning Center (West Monroe): Closed Monday
-Briarfield Academy: Closed Monday
-St Francis Pediatric Neurology (Dr. Pina’s Office): Closed Monday
-New Vision Learning Academy (Monroe): Closed Monday
-Missy Crain Dance Studios: Closed Monday
-College Prep Daycare and Preschool (West Monroe): Closed Monday
-Mini Scholars Daycare (West Monroe): Closed Monday
-Anna’s Lollipop Lane Daycare (Bastrop): Closed Monday
-Playhowse Learning Center (Sterlington and Playhowse -Farmerville): Closed Monday
-Debbie’s School of Dance: Closed Monday
-New Vision Child Development Center: Closed Monday
-First Assembly Learning Center Daycare (West Monroe): Closed Monday
-Happy Tails Daycare (Monroe): Closed Monday
-Monroe City Court: Closed Monday
-Delta Charter School (Ferriday): Closed Monday
-Arthritis & Diabetes Clinic (Monroe): Closed Monday
-Liberty Stylist Beauty School (Monroe): Closed Monday
-Toonie Bugs Daycare (Calhoun): Closed Monday
-Fourth District Court: Closed Monday
-Ouachita Council On Aging/Meals On Wheels Deliveries: Closed Monday
-Jackson Parish Library: Closed Monday
-Covenant Day School (Monroe): Closed Monday
-Physical Therapy, Inc: Closed Monday
-Prairie View Academy (Bastrop): Closed Monday
-Wonderland Child Care & Development Center: Closed Monday
-NE Delta Human Services Authority Offices & Clinics: Closed Monday
-Excellent Daycare (Monroe): Closed Monday
-Arco of Community Resource: Closed Monday
-Wee Learner’s Daycare: Closed Monday
-Child’s Play II Daycare: Closed Monday
-Fairpark Baptist Church Daycare: Closed Monday
-Ouachita Parish Library (All Branches): Closed Monday
-Excellence Academy Charter School: Closed Monday
-First United Methodist Daycare, Monroe: Closed Monday
-Ouachita Parish Public Libraries (all branches): Closed Monday
-Oak Grove Town Hall Meet On Tues., Feb 24th postponed to March 3rd


49 Responses to “Deadheads Get Snow Day; Tax Slaves Get to Work”

  1. AlfredE Says:

    People are so afraid; come on; you can’t avoid all risk. Americans used to be “can do” people; now we are afraind. We have become “can’t do”, Won’t do” and “afraid to do” people.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    us tax payers are at work. someone has to pay the bills for these losers.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So teachers are deadheads and don’t pay taxes?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The people that cry and moan when schools close because of snow/ice are the same ones that sue the school district when a bus slides off the road with their child on it. Not sure if you’ve been outside today, but I wouldn’t let my child drive to school nor get on a bus. FYI, when districts decide to close, it’s based on suggestions from the sheriff’s department and others. That decision affects thousands of people. Not an easy one to make, and people will complain either way.

    • Bill Says:

      I agree with anonymous. We don’t have any kids on school buses, but wouldn’t want to see any kids wind up in a bus accident. Cops and firefighters have to work, and we’re sure crews working for utilities will be out, but traffic accidents will increase the need for them to clean up the mess. Better that all who don’t need to be out stay home and wait for the mess to clear. I was raised in snow country but we didn’t have many school buses where I lived. Saw lots of accidents resulting from winter weather and they were used to it and had the equipment to clear and/or melt the mess. Not so here.

  5. Anonymous Says:


    There you have the decline of America expressed in one tagline.

    • Oldman Says:

      Dead heads and the liberal socialist give me attitude has brought our country to its knees. Our way of life is about gone,if not already.

  6. Donald Maroon Fouler Says:

    Deadhead On The State Payroll — Louden Wainwright III

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, deadheads? No wonder you think teachers are deadheads, you are an idiot. We must be over paid since the average Ouachita Parish school teacher salary hovers around $40,000 a yr. Man we are rolling in the big bucks!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Agree…. Maybe you should try to teach for a few months
      Teachers are some of the highest educated and yes underpaid but guess what… We love and take pride in our work and do not whine!!
      Get over yourself

    • Anonymous Says:

      40 k a year is good pay for roughly 8 months work and heat and air conditioning, and a job for life no matter how bad your are at your job

  8. Anonymous Says:

    As a teacher, especially one that work 12 hrs daily, I take offense to the title of this entry implying that teachers are deadheads. I work my tail off every day trying to make my students productive citizens. Walter, if you seriously think that teachers are dead heads, I challenge you to come walk around in my shoes for just one day then you might see it differently. Most days, we serve as more than a teacher to many students. On a daily basis, we serve as a teacher, mom, dad, nurse, counselor, etc. to many students. In many countries, teachers are the most respected people. In this country, people that have no idea what it means to be a teacher sees fit to berate, belitlle, and make fun of us. Our governor and Bese continue to fight over CC and PARCC all the students are caught in the middle and while good teachers leave the profession, and those of us that have too much time in TO leave, worry daily because our evaluation is based on the performance of kids or teenagers in my case.

    Just so you know, this “deadhead” of a teacher has been grading papers and trying to figure out how to get ready for ACT/PLAN/EXPLORE/EOC exams that begin soon regardless of how many days we are out due to weather. I am genuinely concerned how to catch up when we do return to school. In fact, I am even trying to figure out a way to get to my school today to get a few things I need as I sit on my “deadhead” butt trying to figure out how best to make up this week with my students, all the while praying that the forcast for the next couple of days doesn’t materialize.

    Walter, I have known of you my entire life and have always thought a lot of you, but you have disappointed my greatly with your title for this blog entry! I do realize you have the right to say and do what you want on your blog, but while you do so, this “deadhead” will continue working my tail off trying to be the best possible teacher I can be and hoping I can make it until retirement before the stress becomes too much.

    Thank you so much for your “support” of teachers everywhere!

    • Oldman Says:

      Do you work 12 months out of year? Insurance paid? Holidays a year ? Years to retirement? Sick days? Pay scale after retirement? What about the bonus check every year? Job security? Yearly raises? For what reasons can you lose your job? Do you belong to a union? Answers please.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I am a 10 month employee that ends up working most of the year, even when I am suppose to be on holiday. Yes, I belong to a union, but in this state, with this governor and Bese, that does little to protect my job…it just gives me liability insurance in case I get sued. I have 8 years until retirement, and even then I will have to get a job to supplement my retirement as most teachers do. Bonus check amount rises and falls based on oil/gas/sales tax and trust me, its not doing well at the moment. Job security….. yeah right… only because no one else is willing to do it. As far as raises….. you reach a point to where you no longer get a raise each year other than performance raises and depending on which parish you are in that amounts to maybe enough to by a couple of tanks of gas as long as the prices are down. I can lose my job after poor evaluations (test scores). And just so you know……teachers don’t get paid vacations……. we get paid for 9 mos (10 in my case) and they divide it into 12 checks…. and during a typical week, based on what I get paid for my 10 mos. of work and the hours I put in, I get paid $2.37/hr. worked. I’m not asking for a raise, I’m not even complaining about my salary (I’ve given up) I’m just asking to be respected for what I do. Keep this in mind……without teachers, there would be no doctors, lawyers, governors, bese members, policemen, firemen, journalists, and any other profession. You don’t have to like me as a person, in fact you can hate me if you want, but respect what I do and how hard I work to do it.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    P.S. I don’t think that’s asking a lot.

    • Oldman Says:

      First of all I don’t hate you and I do respect the job you are doing. But why most of them are always complaining about first one thing or other.Quit complaining and people will respect you and the job you doing. Some people work 12 months a year without a day off much less with pay. You choose to be a teacher,so don’t complain and be the best teacher you can be. Have a good day Teacher,I’ll leave you along now.

      • Anonymous Says:

        “Quit complaining and people will respect you and the job you doing.”

        No, they won’t. This is Louisiana, after all, and sometimes you have to face the facts. We’ve had one of the worst public educational systems for over forty years, and the teachers have never been the reason why.

        The tenor of this post, however, gives you an indication of what the real reason is.

        • Oldman Says:

          What’s wrong with Louisiana? It’s one of the best states I know of to live in. Good Repulbican Governor,good weather most of the time,good fishing,hunting what else could you want? Everybody get rid of the “give me attitude” ,go to work to make this a great state and everybody will benefit.

        • deleted Says:

          Btw……I was not and am not complaining. I am simply defending my profession, and therefore, myself and my work ethic against an unwarranted attack.

        • Anonymous Says:

          “We’ve had one of the worst public educational systems for over forty years, and the teachers have never been the reason why.”

          I support teachers and understand they have a challenging, demanding and often thankless job, but this statement betrays a breathtaking lack of critical self-examination and self-awareness.

          I was a young kid in public school when Louisiana public education hit rock bottom in the early 90s, 49th out of 50 (and we thanked God for Mississippi cushioning us at the bottom). Teachers had absolutely no hand in the circumstances that lead to that disgrace? None whatsoever?

          Bull. And I can say so from personal experience.

          Look within yourselves a little more. We ALL have a part to play in the reason why things are the way they are. Own yours.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Because your personal, idiosyncratic, anecdotal experience can be taken to represent what, exactly? A generalization that counters the one above? You just proved the point. And I bet you didn’t even blush.

            Our teachers (I am not one, btw) are not better or worse trained than any other state’s. Their quality thus fluctuates, like any other state’s. What changes is the quality of student they are given, and the resources they have at their disposal. Neither of those are within their control.

            I’m afraid this entire thread shows why we are last in every meaningful measure of well-being. And also why we are among the least educated, poorest, least healthy, and most violent people in the United States. We can and must do better.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I don’t complain, sir! I teach because I chose to teach, just like you and all those who work other jobs without off days, like my dad and husband, chose not to teach. Anybody that works hard at any job should be respected and commended for working hard, but most definitely does not deserved to be called a “deadhead”.

  11. Hmmm Says:

    The last line of the Oldman Says comment is a good illustration of why we need teachers. The punctuation is lacking and so is the capitalization, spacing and spelling. Of all the groups to which to aim a comment, teachers would be the one I’d be ashamed to have read that comment.

  12. Jim Says:

    Liberal Indoctrination Centers.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    how come every time there is a little inconvenience only the government workers are the ones at home.
    get out today and look around, only the taxpayers are working.
    in ruston only the small business people are out today

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve known several people that have left other occupations to enter the teaching profession. Without fail, they have all said how much harder teaching is than their previous job. Those previous jobs include healthcare, insurance, sales, and private business. Take it for what it’s worth. Most teachers I know are not in unions nor do they complain about pay. They just do their job. Are their a few bad ones? Absolutely. But there’s also bad doctors, lawyers, and business owners.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sure Walter Abbott and Oldmann got where they are in life all by themselves. No deadhead help for them I’m sure. Probably why they turned out to be such douchebags!

  16. Oldman Says:

    I wonder how much this one day cost the tax payer. A bunch I bet. The liberal socialist obumacrats have won again. Entitlement mentality,you don’t have to work for it. I wonder how all those people made it to work at the paper mill,with all the ice and cold,I bet it was hard. I forget they are not Gov. workers,lazy bums.

  17. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    Neither rain, nor sleet, etc….
    Postal workers took a powder over the last two days because it was too hard to get out and about.
    I worked both days and am working today, but our dedicated postal carriers were home. THAT is a REAL economic impact. My billing didn’t go out, so I’m delayed in getting paid. No payments came in the mail so that I can pay my employees (who came to work, some over 30 miles commute)

    To the focus of this thread, I’ll say that it was a wise decision to close the schools over the last couple of days. No sense in risking injury and the days will have to be made up, so there will be no real loss in time worked by the school staff. Besides, wise parents could have taken this opportunity to review what their child is being taught and to correct any errant teaching.

    Did it cost the state’s taxpayers money? Sure it did but that’s just life.

    Do we spend too much money in education? That’s a matter for discussion and not a simple answer. With local school grades/ratings plummeting, this is hardly a time for the teacher to strut with his chest out, although, the TEACHERS are not what changed.

    Local educational problems are the result of federal and state problems.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The mail is brought to each town by a contract trucking company. Due to the glass like coating of ice on most of the roads they travel , They did not run on tuesday. One of them lost controll ,and wrecked in monroe monday evening. If the trucking company can’t run, How is the mail person going to run ? I don’t blame the mail carrier ! And it is currently snowing like crazy, and I just happened to see my mail carrier doing her job!

  18. Donald Maroon Fouler Says:

    The public education industry is a jobs program for loyal Democrat voters.

  19. Oldman Says:

    Hey it’s snowing,everybody go home,better hurry now. Go by WalMart before all the bread and milk is gone,better hurry now.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    government workers are entitled
    end of story!

  21. TaxSlave Says:

    Hey! Stop it you two! Some are way too sensitive.
    after all, it’s for the children…

  22. MeTaxMe Says:

    no one said teachers specifically, anyway.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Why are teachers being butchered on this thread for being lazy deadheads, when they were not the ones that made the decision to close schools? Geez, people give them a break! I for one DO NOT want my children on a school bus when the roads are icy! MOST teachers work dang hard, and deserve every penny they make and more. Saying that teachers are lazy deadheads is just as assinine as saying that all millworkers are lazy drugaddicts because one of them lays off all the time because he is high.

    Part of the problem here is that most of you are stuck in this poor pitiful me rut and are lashing out and bashing everyone except the real root of the problem…Your negative, miserable self. You’re miserable, and therefore, according to your logic, everyone else should be, too.

    Here’s a thought for you…If teacher’s are lazy deadheads and the cause of all that is wrong with the world, let’s just fire them all, do away with the education system in the U.S. and require parents to be responsible for teaching their kids at home. I wonder how long that would last. Some of you people are just pot stirrers and thrive on seeing how many people you can piss off and make fun of! Yet, you wonder why this world is in the shape it is! I am an ultra-conservative christian, and will say this…This world is going to hell in a handbasket not just because of liberal democrats!! We ALL play a part in the hatred, negativity, and lack of decency that has gotten us to this point!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ok everybody go to work,the snow is gone now. Liberal democrats are the biggest cause of what’s wrong in our country along with the intitlement attitude.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    How does being a teacher make you a liberal democrat? How does being a teacher automatically give me a sense of entitlement? I am an ultr-conservative christian, I am not a liberal or a democrat, and I AM A TEACHER!!! And just so you know… deadheads that did not ask to be out of school nor did we make the decision to do so, are busy at work trying to figure out how to catch up from being out all week!!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    P.S. As a teacher, I do not feel that I am entitled to anything. Some of you need to look in your own closet before you start blasting and talking about others.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Well it was too bad for state employees to go to work but I saw a bunch at the mall shopping, go figure

    • Oldman Says:

      They had a short paid vacation on our dime,and we had to work to pay for it. They ought to be paid by the hour,don’t work don’t get paid,like the rest of us. I bet things would change then,don’t you think.

      • Youngman Says:

        If you are going to dictate when public servants should or shouldn’t get paid, then you should pay them more for the work they do. Many, not all, are criminally underpaid compared to their private industry counterparts.

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