LPPJ Committee Votes to Consider Purchase of Chase Bank Building

Despite the vacancy of several thousand square feet of office space in the Lincoln Parish Court House, a joint meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury’s (LPPJ) Public Property and Buildings/Long Range Planning Committees voted to authorize “exploration” of the purchase of the JPM Chase building, 400 North Trenton, for office space.

The building, originally constructed in the late 70’s or early 80’s by Ruston State Bank, is now owned by JSP Realty, LLC, Castor, LA. According to the current tax rolls, it is valued by the Lincoln Parish Tax Assessor at $1.5 million, and in 2014 paid $17.4 thousand in property taxes.

See here the documents.

According to documents from the Louisiana Secretary of State, JSP Realty lists as its officers Sam and Joseph Pullig, with a Haughton, LA address.

See here the document.

According to a June, 2009 article in The Piney Woods Journal, the Pulligs are involved in the timber business, and have other property ownerships and developments.

The resolution, moved by District One’s Theresa Wyatt, and seconded by District Ten’s Nancy Wilson stated, “We (the committee) allow Skip Russell (District Eight) to gather information and bring back to the jury (information) that would help us make the decision as to whether or not buying the (Chase Bank) building is in the best interests of the jury.”

Voting for the resolution were: Sharyon Mayfield (District 11), Hazel Hutner (District 2), Walter Pullen (District 6), Jody Backus (District 7), Nancy Wilson (District 10), and Theresa Wyatt (District 1).

Voting no were: David Hammond (District 5) and Randy Roberson (District 4).

Though not on the joint committee, District Three’s Bobby Bennett opposed the action.

Said Bennett, “I think by doing this, we’re showing an intent. I just don’t believe that the citizens of this parish are going to go along with this. I think it needs to be clipped in the bud.”

Russell claimed that if the jury bought the building, the rental of the additional office space would pay for the purchase loan.

There was considerable discussion about the various properties in the area that is owned by the jury, including the old Temple Baptist Church property, the Barham Building, and the former County Market building, and the need to consolidate and sell some of the properties.

The subject of a new courthouse came up, but no one could realistically suggest where the money would come from to build it.

Said jury Administrator Courtney Hall, “We don’t have half a million dollars in our bank now.”

Also mentioned was what entities the jury was legally required to provide office space for.


6 Responses to “LPPJ Committee Votes to Consider Purchase of Chase Bank Building”

  1. NoOldTaxes Says:

    Rumor has it this was overheard in a hallway of the courthouse prior to the meeting:
    “Hey, wanna start some trouble? Let’s propose buying the Chase Bank building and turning it into the Lincoln Parish Police Jury building!”
    “Yeah, let’s do it; that ought to make this fall’s election exciting!”

  2. Cowboy Says:

    “Russell claimed that if the jury bought the building, the rental of the additional office space would pay for the purchase loan.”

    Skip, government is NOT supposed to be in the property rental business. As a rental property owner, you, of all people, should be aware of this! You are advocating for the government to become your own competition in the property rental business! If the rental income of this building would indeed pay the purchase loan, then some private entrepreneur would purchase the building. In fact, if this is true, then why don’t YOU purchase the building? The taxpayers of Lincoln Parish do NOT wish to be in the property rental business!

  3. NoOldTaxes Says:

    I hear it’s a bad deal for the owner because the bank’s lease makes the building owner pay for everything and has no escalation clause. The owner stands the taxes and maintenance of course, but what else? Utilities?
    Anyway that sucker is about 40 years old. It has “Bad Deal” written on the windshield, far as I’m concerned.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    what about the property taxes that will be lost. politicians are the most arrogant people i know. i can tell you this much i will be moving all my insurance to gieco.

  5. AlfredE Says:

    I hear the police jury is buying Geico and Farm Bureau…

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