Monroe City Council Delays Contract Ordinance

The Monroe City Council voted unanimously at last night’s meeting to delay introduction of an ordinance that would limit to $5 thousand, the city’s governmental spending without a council-approved contract. Existing ordinances follow the State of Louisiana’s Public Bid Law, that exempts purchases of less than $30 thousand from a formal bid process. Additionally, engineering and architect services are exempt from the bid law.

See here the ordinance as proposed.

The vote followed adoption of an amendment to the ordinance so that it would “not apply to emergencies and natural disaster, and only apply to reoccurring expenses of $10 thousand or more during a calendar year.” The amendment was introduced by Betty Blakes (District 3). Voting no on the amendment was Gretchen Ezernack (District 2) and Kenny Wilson (District 4).

The ordinance had been vociferously opposed by Mayor Jamie Mayo, who alleged that it would create a hardship with everyday operation of the city. Many of Mayo’s underlings appeared with Mayo at a Monday presser to voice opposition to the proposed ordinance.


2 Responses to “Monroe City Council Delays Contract Ordinance”

  1. skipper Says:

    Ordinance makes good government for watching expenses of Mayo tax and spend attitude.

  2. Rit Rev John Simmion Says:

    There is no one to enforce good government. Why pass laws that are ignored. The FBI, these men of action, have more City records than the City departments do. We will all have to account for our action or inaction. I hope I made this world a better place.

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