Noted Unionville Coffee Group Profiled

Unionville Saturday Morning Coffee Club

Unionville Saturday Morning Coffee Club

The Unionville Saturday Morning Coffee Club has collected quite an array of political campaign signs to show off at its meeting place in downtown Unionville, LA. Most are from last year’s local and federal elections. Besides providing decoration, the signs also help seal up cracks in the walls of the historic Unionville General Store.

Many area candidates visited with the group last fall while campaigning, and due acknowledgement is warranted, the group insists.

“After all,” said one member of the group, “if (former state representative) Willie Sumlin can get his picture on the front page of the Ruston Daily Leader with a barn full of outdated political signs, we deserve similar recognition.”

The venerable group of BS artisans, political savants, and social commentators meets every Saturday morning at the store.

While the group’s reputation is often said to be unfavorable, that characterization isn’t accurate, some members say.

Said founding member Richard Jones, “We provide a venue where diverse opinion is celebrated.”

Cynics have suggested that the group is merely a collection of misfits that are not welcome in more genteel area coffee clubs, like McDonald’s, Jefferson Corner, or Huddle House.

Supposedly more respectable Lincoln Parish opinion leaders say the loud talk and animated conversation by members of the group is because of highly opinionated personalities, and the participant’s penchant for political repartee.

A more plausible explanation is that most of the attendees suffer from age-related hearing loss.



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