Special LPPJ Meeting Thursday, Amid Jockeying for Jury Prez

A special called meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) has been set for Thursday, January 8, 5:30 PM, Lincoln Parish Court House, third floor. The only item on the agenda is the appointment of Ronny Walker’s replacement for District Twelve. Walker was recently elected Mayor of Ruston, and resigned from the jury.

See here the agenda.

Reportedly, Walker’s wife Heather will be nominated. Also mentioned as a possible nominee is Aaron James. The term is for the remainder of 2015, as jury elections are scheduled for October of this year.

The meeting comes amid an active contest for President of the jury. That election will take place at the 1/13/15 meeting, and will pit Randy Roberson (District Four) against incumbent Hazel Hunter (District Two). Reportedly, the coalition that elected Hunter last year over Skip Russell (District Eight) has split up, with some of those votes pledging to Roberson.

The 1/14/14 vote for Hunter went like this:

Voting for Hunter were:

Theresa Wyatt (District One)
David Hammons (District Five)
Walter Pullen (District Six)
Jody Backus (District Seven)
Joe Henderson (District Nine)
Nancy Wilson (District Ten)
Sharyon Mayfield (District Eleven)
Ronny Walker (District Twelve)

Voting for Russell were:

Bobby Bennett (District Three)
Randy Roberson (District Four)

The two nominees both voted for themselves.


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