New Ruston Mayor, Council Meet

L/R - Carolyn Cage, Ward 1; Jedd Lewis, Ward 3; Jim Pearce, Ward 4; Mayor Ronny Walker; Bruce Siegmund, Ward 5; Angela Mayfield, Ward 2

L/R – Carolyn Cage, Ward 1; Jedd Lewis, Ward 3; Jim Pearce, Ward 4; Mayor Ronny Walker; Bruce Siegmund, Ward 5; Angela Mayfield, Ward 2

A new Ruston Mayor and Board of Aldermen met for the first time last night in the first floor courtroom at Ruston City Hall.

Incoming Mayor Ronny Walker – along with Aldermen Carolyn Cage, Angela Mayfield, and Bruce Siegmund – joined returning Aldermen Jedd Lewis and Jim Pearce for a relatively uneventful meeting.

In opening the meeting, Walker said he would in the future be inviting local area pastors to offer the opening prayer, and last night had Ruston’s First Baptist Church Pastor Chris Craig there for the occasion.

Lewis and Mayfield were unanimously elected as Mayor Pro Tempore and Alternate Mayor Pro Tempore, respectively. In municipalities governed by the Lawrason Act (as is Ruston), the Mayor Pro Tempore presides at meetings, if the mayor is absent.

The board unanimously approved a cooperative endeavor agreement with Lincoln Total Community Action, Inc. for $20 thousand. The money will be used to administer programs operated by the agency.

Ward 4’s Jim Pearce asked City Administrator Ed Pittman if the money was fully budgeted. Pittman said that only half the amount was budgeted, and that a budget amendment would be required for the other $10 thousand.

“So only ten in in the existing budget?” asked Pearce, to which Pittman said yes. “Last year at the council meeting it was increased from ten to twenty,” said Pittman.

Pearce: “Last year it was increased to twenty? But we didn’t put twenty in the budget?”

Pittman: “No. But the decision has been made since then to fund it the full twenty, it’s my understanding. Therefore, we’ll have to come back with a budget amendment.”

In other business, the board approved a professional services agreement for preliminary engineering services on a Reynolds Drive Extension.

The project would extend Reynolds Drive across Goodwin Road, and tie it in to Celebrity Drive. A temporary one-lane road has been in use during the construction project now ongoing in the area.


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