Who Has First Claim on YOUR Money?

Recently, there has been some discussion on who has first claim on a wage earner’s money.

Money that is payment for a working person’s labor or creativity is subject to taxation, as anyone who works for a living knows. Those taxes are commonly called “income taxes,” but should be more properly called “labor taxes.”

So who gets the money first, you or government? Take a look at your paycheck stub next payday and you’ll find the answer.

Tax withholding in the United States

When did it start?

Current Tax Payment Act of 1943


2 Responses to “Who Has First Claim on YOUR Money?”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Walter,my wife has first claim on my money,always has.

  2. The Oncologist Says:

    After the tax man, of course. You or your wife doesn’t get a penny until the tax man is satisfied.

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