Lamy Lane Residents Demand Halt on Apartment Construction

A group of Lamy Lane residents who showed up at the 12/9/14 meeting of the Monroe City Council is still fighting City Hall.

The latest effort is a letter to Monroe’s controversial Mayor Jamie Mayo demanding that he issue a stop work order because Kingsport Construction (the apartment complex’s developer) is operating under an invalid permit.

According to the letter signed by Theresa Glavin, construction work had not begun within a six-month deadline that is required by the city’s zoning ordinances.

See here the documents.

See also a 12/31/14 news story by the Ouachita Citizen’s Zach Parker.

Developer, homeowner at odds


5 Responses to “Lamy Lane Residents Demand Halt on Apartment Construction”

  1. SkipperT Says:

    Ben’s next shoe is about to drop at 2710 Magellan (next to the pump station) and the lovely home at 2708 with the Mercedes in the driveways. The lot is cleared and ready for a slab. Magellan was killed during his travels. Magellan Place, the address is also about to die. Letters to Mayo are a joke. A top flight attorney experienced in real estate and municipal law is needed. The only cure is for the city to pay the neighbors for loss in equity. Hope the neighbors don’t mind a big increase in property taxes to pay for the Mayo Arena and Mayo Airport City. Mayo’s vision for Monroe has been shared by ignorant voters for way too long. One city one future down the drain…but the drains in Monroe don’t even work.

  2. Mary Blue Says:

    “Insider Knowledge. We are experts on the community and the properties in it”: All realtors make this claim to buyers so what happens when the experts are only salesmen with a million and a half $ in insurance coverage for when things go horribly wrong. Like now.

    What can Real Estate Agents do to help you buy the right home for you? (Linda Williams Remax)
    •They can supply information on real estate values, taxes, utility costs, municipal services and facilities, and may be aware of proposed zoning changes that could affect your decision to buy.

    A Taste of the Old South ~ Louisianne Subdivision is located off Forsythe Ave. and is convenient to shopping, schools, parks, recreation and the Interstate. With a median home price of $300,000 this luxurious neighborhood is designed to have smaller yards, focusing on private courtyards and a southern ambiance.

    “Insider Knowledge. We are experts on the community and the properties in it.
    Exclusive Buyer Representation. Our agents work exclusively for you, and not the seller.” John Rea Realtor.

  3. Cory Says:

    Since when is a “deadline that is required by the city’s zoning ordinances” meant anything to the Monroe zoning department. There sure are enough people to sue, assuming that the homeowners avoid a good old boy lawyer buddy of Mayo, like Tony Bruscato.

  4. Jimmy Says:

    Yes the Realtors are wide open here, sue them first, then Mayo. Why would the neighborhood hire Bruscato? Bruscato thinks that Mayo is his Caesar. Mayo is really his Nero. These people can’t be serious about fighting Mayo.

  5. Jammie Smith Says:

    The judges support Mayo, the DA supports Mayo, the lawyers support Mayo, the press supports Mayo, the Marshall supports Mayo, the Progressive Boys Club supports Mayo, Century Tel supports Mayo, the preachers support Mayo. La Louisianne Subdivision enjoy your new median property values of $120,000. Your toast.

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