AG Declines to Opine on I-20 Donation to Delta Community

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s office has declined to render an opinion on the legitimacy of a $600 thousand donation from the Interstate 20 Economic Development District to Louisiana Delta Community College for “economic development,” it was revealed at Monday night’s meeting of the district’s Board of Directors.

Assistant Attorney General Emalie Boyce wrote:

Consistent with our telephone conversation on October 20, 2014, and opinion policy, a copy of which is enclosed, except for matters involving dual officeholding, our office only issues opinions to the Governor, and other elected and appointed state officers; state departments, state boards, state commissions or state officers; district attorneys; the governing authority of a local political subdivision, its officers or attorneys; and officers of a local governmental subdivision.

Boyce claimed that economic development development corporations are not agencies of the state.

See here the document.

The issue has been before the board since it was apparently discussed in an executive session at the 5/8/14 meeting. At the 9/11/14 meeting, it was decided to ask for the AG opinion.

Board Chair Otis Chisley said a decision on the matter would be made “sometime in the future.”

Earlier, the board heard a report from S. E. Huey’s Charles Taylor on their study of drainage issues in the district.

Taylor said that installation of “detention ponds” on the north side of I-20, or additional culverts under the interstate would likely be required. As the property becomes developed, additional rainfall runoff can be expected, Taylor said.

The meeting went into executive session for about 45 minutes to discuss right-of-way purchase negotiations on the north and south service roads.

Finally, City of Monroe’s Director of Administration David Barnes presented the board with a projection of expected funds available, compared to what the district already has committed for ongoing and future projects.

According to Barne’s figures, through 2024, the district should have about $6 million in funding available for future projects.

See here the document.

Board member Johnny Bryant thanked Barnes for providing the estimates, and said this would give the board a valuable tool for future planning.

Said Bryant, “This is a very good report. This is the amount of money we have now, this is what we think we are going to get, these are the expenses we have on the money we have now, and these are the projects we have right now, and these are estimated costs on these projects.” He added, “this is something we can track.”


4 Responses to “AG Declines to Opine on I-20 Donation to Delta Community”

  1. Willie Says:

    good report

  2. NotAgain Says:

    If they are not “Officers of the State”, how do they get their hands on public (i.e. taxpayers’) money?
    Maybe they’re completely unaccountable to the voters, like the Lincoln Health Foundation

    • Webb Says:

      Or the GOP leadership.

      • Oldman Says:

        Web,it’s the Democrats that’s spend crazy,we will never be able to pay back what they have spent in just the last few years and what do we have to show for it?

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