Proposals for New Monroe Auditor to be Taken

Long-time City of Monroe external auditor Francis Huffman could be out of a job, after a 5-0 vote at Tuesday’s council meeting to accept proposals for the city’s required annual review of finances. The audit is a legal requirement of all public entities in Louisiana, and is usually contracted to Certified Public Accountants who are on a list approved by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA).

District One’s Ray Armstrong said he had put together the Request for Proposal with input from various sources.

Said Armstrong, “I got the RFP from several other cities, and then I looked at AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants), updated their regulations and requirements for this, and then got input from administration – legal and the city – and came up with this.”

The council’s action came after Huffman presented the 2013-2014 audit earlier in the meeting. The audit was unqualified, Huffman said, but did have one finding, and two management letter comments.

One of the comments referred to misuse of a city credit card, and the other noted the lack of a contract between the city and the transit system operator.

The finding regarded use of unlicensed contractors by the Community Development Block Grant program.

District Three’s Betty Blakes questioned Huffman for about twenty minutes regarding several issues.


4 Responses to “Proposals for New Monroe Auditor to be Taken”

  1. Jake Weaton Says:

    A new hard auditor will straighten the city out. Patrick’s $20 million city tax money might be found. If only those honest people in Nigeria will return it and the 17 drug confiscated cars from the Marshall’s office.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    First of all Mr. Huffman won’t be out of a job. He doesn’t work for the city. His firm may lose a client but he does numerous other audits. Secondly, it is not the auditors job to straighten out the city. The auditor uncovers the deficiencies and notifies management aka the mayor and city council. It is up to them to prove that the deficiencies were corrected to the state legislative auditor. The city council and the mayor just want to find an auditor that wont look so hard for the deficiencies that are purposely committed.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I don’t think the city council wants an auditor to NOT find deficiencies. I think it’s the other way, they think his mistakes are being covered up and they want someone they think will find them.

  3. John Snider Says:

    The mayor thinks the auditor’s job is to help him cover-up deficiencies. The city council wants the auditor to help them uncover what the mayor is truly doing with city funds. The winner of this battle holds the fate of the city in its hands.

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