K Street woos Mary Landrieu

By Anna Palmer and Burgess Everett

Mary Landrieu may have lost her Senate seat, but the Louisiana Democrat is a hot commodity on K Street.

Several headhunters, veteran lobbyists and consultants said Landrieu’s status as a moderate Democrat and senior member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee make her a top recruit from Capitol Hill.

As the lame-duck session nears an end, another season begins in earnest — the annual dance of exiting lawmakers quietly reaching out to private-sector contacts and making the rounds at Washington law firms and lobby shops, with just a few weeks until the retiring or defeated lawmakers are out of a job. But even as a Democrat, Landrieu stands out among new retirees from a majority-Republican Congress.

“I think K Street would welcome [Landrieu] with open arms,” said Ivan Adler, a headhunter at The McCormick Group. “She’s extremely attractive to K Street because of her favorable views on business.”

As she spoke to supporters after her loss over the weekend, Landrieu said cryptically that she will “continue” to serve Louisiana, without offering any details. Since her defeat, she’s been absent from the Senate, missing several votes this week.

In particular, Landrieu’s strong defense of the oil and gas sector — an industry that spends tens of millions of dollars every year on influence-peddling — could provide the Democrat with entree not only to a law firm or consulting shop, but in-house at a company or trade association.

“The most likely person to be successful is Mary,” one head of a law firm’s lobbying practice said of this year’s crop of nearly 50 House members and dozen exiting senators.


One Response to “K Street woos Mary Landrieu”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    K Street AKA Washington DC may be the best place for her attractiveness.

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