Irate Lamy Lane Residents Fight City Hall

Several dozen residents that live in the Lamy Lane/Broadmoor Blvd area of Monore showed up at last night’s meeting of the Monroe City Council to complain about construction of apartments in their neighborhood that they said resembled “WWII barracks.” The residents have created a Facebook page to chronicle the controversy – No Apartments in my backyard, Monroe La.

The area is in District Two, and is represented by Gretchen Ezernack.

Earlier this year, Monroe’s Planning & Zoning Commission and the City Council approved a change in the city’s zoning ordinances. However, the area’s residents claim the construction didn’t follow proper notification procedures.

Typical of the comments was that from L. J. Holland, who told about the hoops he had to jump through when he planned addition of a “mother-in-law” suite to his house.

Holland said that Planning & Zoning told him that, “We would have to put a sign out in front of our yard that there was a proposed zoning ordinance change, or whatever, and it had to be out there for a couple weeks prior to the meeting. And then, they told me I needed to canvass, go out in a two block area around my house and talk to my neighbors, and get them to sign a petition saying it was OK to do what I wanted to do.” He added, “It looks to me tonight, that if we had done that it this case, we wouldn’t be here tonight.”

Resident Julian Gray became emotional while addressing the council.

Said he, “I was able to make a down payment on a $275 thousand home. I woke up one morning and all the trees were gone (behind my house). I woke the next morning and they had concrete slabs poured. And this is what they built. That has decreased the value of my property by $50 thousand. And not only my property, but all the individuals that stood.”

Through tears he added, “Why’d y’all me like that? That’s all I’ve got in the world! Y’all shouldn’t have allowed that!”

According to the group’s Faceboook page a meeting will be held at 7 PM tonight (Wedensday, 12/10), Saul Adler Community Center, 3900 Westminster.

We will have additional reporting later on last night’s meeting.


22 Responses to “Irate Lamy Lane Residents Fight City Hall”

  1. SkipperT Says:

    These poor people have no idea what is happening to them. If they think that Gretchen Ezernack, Mayo and his city attorney are going to help them they are beyond lost. These are the people that made this happen. Start a recall on Mayo and Gretchen Ezernack. This is the way it happens in Monroe. It will eventually happen to everyone.

    • Blessedbyfaith Says:

      Exactly right, “Irate” is all that they have. Gretchen Ezernack and a face book page is not going to help them. They are not even aware of the comments here. They are a dead neighborhood sleeping. Little wonder that no one wants to be annexed into Monroe. Zoning is meant to protect property owners and the value of their property. Gretchen Ezernack claims to be an expert in this field. Read her comments during the city council meeting as this was passed. She said it was better than a parade. The city administration under Mayo makes up the rules to suit his cronies and supporters. Be smart enough to sell your property fast to a new Century move in. The desperate home owners may hope for a storm or fire to replace their loss. It is all just business nothing personal.

  2. Sammie Brown Says:

    Sue everyone even the realtors that sold the property. Realtors donate money to Mayo’s campaign. Get an expert lawyer in urban planning from out of town. Skip is right, Mayo is doing this to the homeowners. Tell Mike Brodtman that the Mayo team had a good laugh at his records request.

  3. Betty Says:

    The city council sight will show the meeting where this was approved by the council. You can see what planning and zoning told them and who voted to approve this. Call all of the members who approved this and get them to change their vote. This was done recently by the city attorney when the city wanted to change the vote.

    • Templeton the Rat Says:

      There won’t be any “change” to this decision. When kickbacks are involved, and you can get there was, nothing will get done to correct this.
      When it comes to government always assume fraud,….always.

      • Betty Says:

        TtR you are correct sir. When it comes to Mayo, fraud is too kind of a word. These poor people don’t have a clue so they will likely lose. They look to Mayo and Ezernick for help.

        “If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.” Sun Tzu

  4. Sandy C, real estate professional. Says:

    Ken Booth says to like the page. Ken Booth worked for Mayo in his election. Ken is the fox in the henhouse. One suggested on the page to just move. The property values in this area will now be in free fall. Losing only 50$k would be a gift. Think in terms of % of paid price. Good luck. Thanks to Mayo…

  5. OpressMeMore Says:

    Lie down with government get up with fleas.
    People initially support zoning thinking it will protect them. Often it does just the opposite. You can’t trust government because you can’t trust people.

    • Ann Says:

      The issue is not with zoning; It is with a corrupt Mayo administration that does not care about anything but the cronies that support him like the 2 Bens…

  6. Ben Says: to approve the project as did Gretchen Ezernack now both act as in sympathy with the victims…pathetic.

  7. Billy Boy Says:

    “Planning and Zoning Division Director Joanne Poret said the approval for the buildings was granted before the new zoning ordinance, which went into effect in February.

    “The project has been grandfathered in,” Poret said. “It began in the late 90s. They got the zoning and had gotten approval for that development (under) the old ordinance.”

    When planning and zoning officials were writing a new zoning ordinance in 2013, the developer asked that the property be zoned as an R-3 district, Poret said.”

    Hollis and Ezernack both supported and approved the new ordinance for the developer now they seem to forget what they did. Doesn’t ‘grandfathered in’ Poret sound like she knows what she is doing.

  8. The Oncologist Says:

    Ann see my last sentence.
    That is why free people cannot give power over to government: our government was designed by the Founders to limit the power government could get over people, so that people cannot get hold of government, with all its power, and then use that power to mistreat people. That’s what governments do, because they are made up of people. Mayo is people, so there…
    When you give power to people, no matter how well-intentioned they are, the next people who come along may not be well-intentioned, and the power over you is there for their use/abuse.Our government sought to protect people from government abuse by the Rule of Law, so it depends as little as possible on good intentions of people, and as much as possible on Law.
    Amazing how few people understand or appreciate that. Which explains why we are losing it.

  9. Donald Maroon Fouler Says:

    Ben Peters has already won this battle and the war. Mark my words. It has nothing to do with Mayo, the council or zoning. Peters successfully planned a business venture and used the existing laws to his advantage, just as any businessman would.

    • SkipperT Says:

      Good to have a loyal Mayo fan’s support marking his words. Ben had it changed to benefit his business and the neighbors lose; how can this happens? with Mayo’s planning and zoning and city attorney making it happen. This happens all the time causing a fouler smell than most can take.

    • Jack Diamond Says:

      You have marooned yourself into isle of deception and misstatements.

  10. Jack Watson Says:

    There was an exchange of money or favors that won the war. Prove that and game over.

  11. Space mutant Says:

    Well your first mistake was buying a house in Monroe where the water quality blows and the infrastructure is less than adequate.

    • Erath Aimes Says:

      A good point, these are high income and more educated than most you so would think that they would be less likely to make this mistake. Hopefully these smart people can mitigate their losses and sell to less educated and less informed citizens than themselves. They could look back at the marketing information presented to them when they bought the homes. I would sue for misrepresentation to recover the loss. Gretchen Ezernack on the city webpage claims to be an expert on these matters and she let this happen to her constituents. She may be liable for something as well and the real estate company that she works for. Her company is owned by Century so there is enough money to buy back all the homes. Their new employees could then move there. See everyone wins.

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