Monroe City Council to Solicit Proposals for External Auditor

Among the agenda items at Tuesday night’s Monroe City Council meeting is a resolution authorizing a request for proposal (RFP) to engage an external auditor. That the council has that authority and responsibility is plainly stated in the city’s charter

Section 2-08. – Independent Audit.

The council shall provide for an annual independent postaudit and, upon the favorable vote of at least two thirds of its authorized members, may provide for such additional audits as it deems necessary of the accounts and other evidence of financial transactions of the City, including those of all City departments, offices or agencies. Auditors shall be designated by the council, shall be without personal interest in the affairs subject to audit and shall be certified public accountants or a firm of such accountants. Each annual audit and any special audit shall be submitted to the council at one of its regularly scheduled meetings and shall be a public record, and a summary thereof shall be published at least once in the official journal.

Among the requirements stated in the resolution:

Audit of the Monroe City Court.
Audit of the Monroe City Marshal.
Audit of Economic Development Units, including the I-20 board.

Also, a representative of the auditor will be required to attend council budget meetings, and discuss issues with the council as directed.

See here the agenda and meeting information.

For the past several years, the audit had been done by Monroe CPA Luffy, Huffman, Ragsdale & Soignier.

The meeting is set for 6:00 PM, Monroe City Hall, 400 Lea Joiner Expressway.

One Response to “Monroe City Council to Solicit Proposals for External Auditor”

  1. Skipper Says:

    News Star reports Mayo side of the news audit again without doing any examination; showing that Kaleb can type what Mayo provides. The audit is suppose to be a check on what the administration is doing. A new accounting firm is needed.

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