LSU, Grambling Audit Woes

Auditor finds financial faults at LSU and Grambling

BY Elizabeth Crisp

Two new audits out on Louisiana colleges — one on LSU and another on Grambling State University — raise concerns about oversight and spending on campuses. At Grambling State University, the Louisiana legislative auditor found thefts totaling more than $130,000, and LSU’s separate audit found 10 instances of falsified payroll records, among other concerns.

Both LSU and Grambling’s leaders responded to their respective audits and pointed to those when asked for comment this week.

Grambling State interim President Cynthia Warrick said she agreed with the audit’s findings and actions to correct issues it highlights should be completed by the end of the year.

Grambling already has been facing significant financial struggles. This fall, Warrick outlined efforts to address its more than $3 million deficit, which include plans to increase faculty teaching loads while requiring furloughs, provide incentives for 15 faculty members to retire and possibly even shutter the Grambling Laboratory Schools.

Meanwhile, at LSU the audit notes that finances have been relatively consistent, despite drops in state funding. It also notes that total enrollment across the system has been relatively consistent.

The auditor noted 10 instances of falsified payroll records — eight of which led to improper payments to employees.

The incidences included student employees in the Chemistry Department and Center for Computation and Technology falsifying time sheets and forging their supervisors’ signatures for hours not worked. All of the employees noted no longer work for LSU, according to the audit.


3 Responses to “LSU, Grambling Audit Woes”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Does this include Cassidy’s falsified time sheets?

  2. Templeton the Rat Says:

    Hmm. Audit + Grambling = another fire

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