Hollingsworth Praised By Council

Dan Hollingsworth, who has served as Ruston’s Mayor for the past sixteen years (four terms), was roundly praised by the City’s Board of Aldermen at the conclusion of last night’s meeting.

Said District Five’s Marie Riggs, “As a council, we are grateful to you for always being straightforward and honest, always keeping us apprised of information concerning the workings of the city.”

Glenda Howard (District One) agreed, saying, “I really appreciate you keeping us informed on everything. In sixteen years, you’ve done a great job in the City of Ruston.”

Hollingsworth chaired the council meeting for the last time last night.

Newly elected Mayor Ronny Walker will take office at the beginning of the new year, along with at least two new council members.

In other business, the council unanimously approved a cooperative endeavor agreement with LTP Medical Mobile for operation of a Community Mobile Health Program. The city will provide city property for the mobile clinic to park, and an electrical outlet to power the clinic.

District Four’s Jim Pearce questioned the need for the program, as Obamacare was supposed to provide medical coverage for the uninsured.

Asked Pierce, “So they’re providing free healthcare service? With Obamacare, now everybody is supposed to have healthcare insurance. It seems a little double-dipping of taxpayer funds.”

Health Hut Analyst Janine Liner said there were still people without healthcare, even with Obamacare.

Said Liner, “Most of our patients don’t make enough money to full price for health insurance.”

Liner said they saw about a thousand patients last year.

Light & Power Operations Manager Darrell Caraway had good news for Ruston’s electrical customers.

Caraway said that a new five year contract for electrical power will result in savings of up to $15 million over the life of the contract.

“It averages out about $5/megawatt cheaper than what we are paying. It’s a very good deal.”


6 Responses to “Hollingsworth Praised By Council”

  1. The Oncologist Says:

    The LTP Medical Mobile was paid for by Lincoln Health Foundation, who control the money derived from sale of Lincoln General Hospital after the hospital board confiscated it from the public.
    They smooth got away with it, too.

  2. Rick Godley Says:

    I know Ruston is better off 16 years downs the road. So I’m grateful for Dan and the others who helped make it this way…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Is the Community Mobile Health Program available to everyone, or just low income? It looks like if the people are paying the taxes for the service (just like the landfill) then everyone should be able to use it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      No one is paying taxes for the mobile health program. It is funded from the proceeds of the sale of Lincoln General Hospital years ago.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Way to be informed Jim Pearce!!!

  5. Rhett Says:

    Having the good health and financial resources to travel with my wife as much as possible, to see more of the world and meet more of its persons.

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