Belton Fundraiser Next Week

Belton 120914_Page_1
Belton 120914_Page_2


10 Responses to “Belton Fundraiser Next Week”

  1. HopeItsNotIToldYouSo Says:

    Why lie and try to curry favor now? I don’t think the better man won the election.

  2. eyesonyou Says:

    butter up to the winner no matter what. might need a favor you know.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I noticed Randal Hermes on the list. Isn’t he a civil service employee?

  4. eyesonyou Says:

    Looking at some of the names who are lending support, helping pay off campaign debt, some are really surprising. Some TEA party members are on the list in fact they are officers of the TEA Party. Supposedly conservative members of a conservative org. Maybe this is why there are only a hand full of people at their monthly meetings. True Conservatives should only give to conservative valued people not liberals. Mr. Belton is a liberal by any definition.

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